Jake Cuenca turns emotional with Kylie Versoza going back to work

Published October 10, 2020, 3:37 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

“Sepanx is real.” This is what seasoned actor Jake Cuenca wrote on social media as he contemplated about girlfriend Kylie Verzosa going back to work.

On Instagram, he penned how words can’t express how much he’s going to miss the latter.

“But at the same time I am so proud and happy for you in everything you are accomplishing right now,” he related.

According to him, Kylie considers him as acting mentor.

“And I know you still do but like I told you the other night you are absolutely ready. get it boo you got this,” he said.

Jake then assured the 2016 Miss International that he will always be by her side, to love and support her in whatever she do.

“Even when some of those thing aren’t exactly my thing. that’s love you have to learn to adjust and support that person cause you know they are passionate about it and that what I’m doing,” he said.

Then the 32-year-old recalled how the past few months have been “crazy.”

“Proud to say we got through this together and if we have gotten through this? we can get through anything together. I love you boo congratulations on your new projects me nugget and Leo will be right here waiting for you to come home. Go get em bee boo,” he ended his post.