How newly engaged Bettina Carlos slowly introduced her non-showbiz boyfriend Mikki Eduardo in her social media account

Published October 8, 2020, 11:41 PM

by Paola Navarette

Bettina Carlos has been raising her daughter Gummy on her own since she gave birth to this adorable girl. A very talented and beautiful mother with a passion for cooking, fans wondered when she would meet “the one.”

So when she first posted a photo of her with a man (no tag in the Instagram post then) on Aug. 2, her followers couldn’t resist leaving comments to say that they were happy for the two of them. 

Two weeks after, she posted again a collage of photos of Mikki Eduardo (tagging him) and how he has been spending time with her Gummy. “I didn’t have to wait for you to love G because from day 0, you have already decided or taught you how to get along with a child because you are a child at heart. And neither did I have to wonder if you know what you’re getting yourself into and if you’re ready to be a dad because God Himself already prepared you for that role and placed that desire in your heart… before we met,” she posted with the hashtag #BeKki which stood for Bettina and Mikki.

She revealed more on how Mikki has been a part of her family in her Aug. 29 post, pointing out that she appreciates Mikki on how he has embraced her family in all its uniqueness. This includes including their nanny in everything that they do. 

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Hi Love @mikki.e.eduardo ! Remember this time?? We took this photo to remember the first time we saw a glaring difference (not in personality but theology, thats why it was such a surprise!!!) and we both reacted out of offense. Pareho tayong biglang naoffend we felt we were both being attacked! So much that I had to walk out (kasi nasa lobby tayo!) Literally kinailangan ko maglakad palabas ng building just to clear my head. And after one round around the compound and silent tears and you just listening to my "hurts" (na hirap na hirap ako iverbalize?) we finally sat down, RECOGNIZED each others FEELINGS, APOLOGIZED for how we hurt the other in how we reacted, and FORGAVE each other. There was one thing you said that sobered me up- "Isnt it beautiful that we think and process things differently? And still we arrive at the same conclusion?" HE. HE. HE. OO NGA NOH…❤ But Love you did something else that I knew in my heart, youre the man I really prayed for: YOU PATIENTLY LISTENED. Not to answer back, not to defend yourself. But TO UNDERSTAND me, my hurts, where I was coming from. Also you ACKNOWLEDGED my emotions. Hindi mo dinisregard ang feelings ko na baket ang sensitive mo bakit ang oa mo etc. You listened and RESPECTED how I felt. And you DID NOT JUDGE me for it.(To this day you have not judged my feelings as irrational as they may be or coming from my false assumptions o kathang isip at guniguni ko lang haha.?) This is something I also am learning from you Love- to receive peoples feelings and not judge them for it. Kasi lahat tayo may sugat. May galos. Iba iba tayo ng pinanggalingan, pinagdaanan, pananaw by which we perceive and receive things. I really appreciate how you take time and thought to consider the context and circumstances of every person. You give consideration to others so you can respond to their needs better. I thank God for you Love. That you are who you are-and I know its only because of Him in you.❤ (eeeeeee love you!???) So smiling na tayo here because we have already prayed and praised God for our difference, acknowledged it as beautiful and purposeful and embraced it as a blessing!❤ Apir, teammate!? #BeKki

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On September 6, she posted another milestone that happened before wherein they had their differences but came to realize how wonderful it is to not be on the same page all the time. From here, one can see how their relationship has blossomed.

And when Bettina posted a photo on October 2 with the two men in her life—her father and Mikki, we knew the engagement wasn’t too far away. 

October 7 was “the day” when she posted twice about Mikki. One was a timelapse video on how Mikki is much like her dad, “He could listen for hours. Just listen and I guess help himself understand why I am, how I am.” 

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On the same day, she posted a group shot with Gummy and captions were just in emojis. If you look closely, Bettina is wearing an engagement ring. Over 50,000 likes and 1,000 comments congratulating the couple, even Gummy can be seen smiling from ear to ear. 

The newly engaged Bettina couldn’t contain her excitement the next day as she posted a series of photos doing her daily activities wearing her engagement ring. “I love you Juan Antonio Miguel Eduardo. Thank you for making sure my number one proposal requirement was fulfilled: KILAY (brows).”