DSWD-NCR explains delay in release of SAP 2 in Muntinlupa

Published October 6, 2020, 3:43 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

The Department of Social Welfare and Development-National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) explained why there is a delay in releasing the second tranche of the Social Amelioration Program-Emergency Subsidy Program (SAP-ESP) in Muntinlupa. 


In a letter to Muntinlupa Mayor Jaime Fresnedi, DSWD-NCR Regional Director Vicente Gregorio Tomas said “jumbled [payroll] or low quality data such as the encoded names have characters, the names, date of birth & SAC barcode did not match to the submitted files” resulted in the failure in the release of the SAP to beneficiaries.

The Muntinlupa City government has been pressing the DSWD to immediately release the second tranche of SAP to qualified beneficiaries in the city. 

Tomas said that in Muntinlupa, there were 53,836 beneficiaries in the first tranche paid in May this year. The same number was submitted for the second month but through cross-matching, there were 1,095 duplicates that were deducted from the list. 

From the clean list of 52,741 beneficiaries, three payrolls were prepared: 9,847 beneficiaries in the first; 16,019 in the second; and 26,875 in the third. 

The first two payrolls which had a total of 25,866 beneficiaries were funded and transferred to Union Bank for payout through its partner remittance center i2i.

“Sadly, only 318 transactions were successfully paid of Php8,000.00 each which totaled to Php2,544,000.00. The failed transactions are said to of jumbled and or low-quality data such as the encoded names have characters, the names, date of birth & SAC barcode did not match to the submitted files. As such, the payment was requested to be put on hold for your reconciliation of data,” Tomas said in the letter. 

To resolve this, the DSWD requested Muntinlupa to submit a “Universal file both of your 1st tranche paid beneficiaries and those waitlisted which you complied on August 18, 2020.” 

Of the 25,548 reconciled data excluding the 318 who were “successfully paid, only 16,039 were declared as clean list for eventual payroll preparation as the 9,509 were of double entry of the erroneously encoded names.” 

Tomas said the third payroll for 26,875 beneficiaries was only funded on September 24 and of this, 3,897 were assigned through Starpay and 22,978 through Dragon Pay. He said Dragon Pay is “now sending notifications to beneficiaries.” 

Of the 19,053 beneficiaries under the waiting list, 14,547 “were declared as clean list data having complete information and subsequently been prepared into payroll list, funded, transferred and eventually paid by USSC remittance center.” The 14,540 beneficiaries were paid P16,000 each for a total of P232.64 million from August 26 to September 6. The remaining seven unsuccessful transactions will be re-processed for funding.