Kris Aquino poses with her ‘Two Towers’ 

Published October 4, 2020, 11:48 AM

by Robert Requintina

Multi-media queen Kris Aquino is simply amazed at the fact that she has two sons who are now both at least six feet tall.

On Instagram Oct. 4, Aquino, 49, posted again photos of her two children who are now taller than her.

“My TOWERS of #love. Happy weekend! #family ❤️” said Aquino in her latest photo with her sons.

Last Sept. 10, Aquino revealed some secrets behind her sons’ six-foot height. “Kuya Josh spent more than a month in Tarlac… i asked to see how close the 2 are in terms of their height… let’s check again in December if bimb will already be as tall as his kuya;

Kris Aquino is flanked by her sons Joshua Philip Salvador (left) and Bimby Yap.

“Sagutin ko na in advance- yes, DNA is a big factor – but up to now Bimb starts his day with a big glass of fresh milk with milo, no longer something we endorse but kinalakihan ni Bimb- and medyo weird but when i was weaning him from the bottle, i was able to convince Bimb to drink fresh milk by still mixing 2-3 scoops of nido into the big glass.

“The 2 are dedicated milk drinkers, and my friends know my coffee is actually milk w/ a bit of coffee- so we’re a family of milk drinkers… i like semi skimmed, vitamin enriched milk.

“Kuya is 6’2, basing it from this picture it’s safe to say 13 year old Bimb is now a 6 footer. #family,” Aquino said on IG..

Joshua Philip is Aquino’s son by actor Philip Salvador while Bimby is her son by basketball star James Yap.