With a few days before actual games, PBA players clash in Youtube 'content war'

Screenshots from YouTube channels of Rubie Lee-Chua, Scottie Thompson, Eunice Yu-Sangalang and LA Tenorio

Cong TV and Team Payaman, RogerRaker, Wil Dasovich, and the late Emman Nimedez are just a few of the renowned Filipino YouTubers who rose to fame through vlogging.

These vloggers share content -- be it their daily lives, certain events, unboxing, tutorials, or gaming streams -- to their legions of followers, subscribers to be specific.

Post-production aside, there are two crucial things that you need to possess in the process of vlogging -- a camera and yourself. But it doesn't stop there because confidence and creativity are also essential in delivering the right content for the masses.

And it seems that some PBA players are following the footsteps of these YouTube stars while discovering their new lives inside the PBA bubble.

Consider Magnolia's Paul Lee and Barangay Ginebra's Scottie Thompson as the best in the business inside the Quest Hotel.

While some players update their followers through social media via Instagram, Lee and Thompson have dedicated their spare time to document their daily lives.

Since scrimmages just kicked off on Thursday, they have to find ways to keep themselves busy while inside their hotel rooms. And these PBA players found no better way but to take videos of their workouts, food, team practice among others.

Recently, Lee has earned a new moniker coined by his roommate Jackson Corpuz -- the Lethal Coffee. The Magnolia guard showed how much of a coffee lover he is by sharing cups of coffee with Corpuz and making "latte art" straight from freshly brewed beans. The same goes for Thompson, who is enjoying the company of his roommate Aljon Mariano.

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Of course, the whole process wouldn't be possible without the help of their partners. Lee's content is posted through her wife Rubie's YouTube channel while Thompson, who recently reached the 100K subscriber-mark, has his own.

Magnolia's Ian Sangalang, through her wife Eunice's YouTube channel, Ginebra's Joe Devance and LA Tenorio and Rain or Shine rookie Adrian Wong were among the PBA players who also gave a shot on YouTube.

Tenorio was the latest to join the crew and posted his first vlog entry Friday, detailing his quarantine life before entering the bubble.

For more than two months, PBA's bubble season will be more than just hoops action and fans can witness more of these by hitting the "Subscribe" button and the "bell" logo of their favorite PBA players-turned-vloggers.