The Villars spend their sixth anniversary in the simplest—but sweetest—way possible

Published October 3, 2020, 4:29 AM

by Marie Buenaventura

It’s who you’re with, and not where you are

Mark Villar, secretary of the Department of Works and Highways (DPWH), often gets likes and shares for his project reports on Facebook. But last Thursday, his followers got treated to a rare sentimental post from the usually reserved secretary. 

He posted a wedding photo on Oct.1, and captioned it, “Dearest Em, Happy Anniversary! I love you!” which elicited quite a few “’Naol” comments from his followers.

Dearest Em, Happy Anniversary! I love you!

Posted by Mark Villar on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Their sixth anniversary celebration is possibly the simplest the couple has spent together—even if the couple is known for keeping it simple. Mark, scion of the Villar family, and Department of Justice Usec. Emmeline Aglipay Villar, had a meaningful celebration during lockdown.

“I woke up and he greeted me with peonies—my favorite flowers,” Em tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I gave him a card that I drew and cooked breakfast for him.” It was a cute character cartoon of Yoda, with a cheeky, “Yoda the best husband” caption.

The couple then spent some time watching the Lakers vs. the Heart game. “We won,” Em smiles. 

Mark then ordered all their Japanese favorites for lunch, and the couple blew the candle on their sixth anniversary cake. “Roshan’s Prince Albert cake, which is my favorite,” Em shares.

The couple’s gift to each other were thoughtful: Em gave Mark, an art lover and collector, a commissioned painting of Alfredo Esquillo—and for his gift to her, the extremely busy public servant finally got around to fixing the kitchen.

Afternoon was spent with Emma, their precocious five-year-old, who later on, would give her parents a song-and-dance number. Mark cooked the family steak for dinner, and played the saxophone—clips of which have also gone viral on social media. 

Serenaded my wife during our wedding anniversary! ❤️

Posted by Mark Villar on Thursday, October 1, 2020

“He played Fools Rush In and A Thousand Years, which Emma loves, and is one of her favorite songs. He played Fools Rush In twice because I wanted to hear it again,” Em smiles. “We sang songs from The Greatest Showman.”

The family might not have been traveling, but their anniversary during lockdown gave them a very precious thing they rarely have—time for each other. 

“We danced and sang all night until we were tired,” Em says. “It was a happy and meaningful anniversary.”