Cops trained on scientific investigation, crime scene preservation

Published October 3, 2020, 6:22 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

The Western Visayas regional police has started training its personnel on scientific approaches on criminal investigation that include preserving crime scenes as part of the effort to further improve the crime solution efficiency in the local police forces.

The training was held in Boracay, and started just as the world-famous beach resort opened its borders to local tourists.

Brig. Gen. Rene Pamuspusan, director of the Police Regional Office 6, said at least 50 policemen from Aklan Provincial Police Office attended the two workshops – the Crime Scene First Responders Workshop and the Scientific Methods of Processing Fingerprint and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) Reference Sample Collection Seminar-Workshop.

Police Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan. (Tara Yap/File/Manila Bulletin)
Police Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan. (Tara Yap/File/Manila Bulletin)

“Both trainings are deemed to support the important parts of a scientific investigation. Further, this intends to equip police officers with skills, upgrade their knowledge and enhance the performance of their duties as police officers,” said Pamuspusan.

The Crime Scene First Responders Workshop is designed to provide information pertinent to the responsibilities of the first responder to the crime scenes. Among them is the preservation of crime scene.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) decided to conduct the seminars as policemen are sometimes criticized for mishandling of pieces of evidence recovered from the crime scene, such as holding a gun or a knife used in the crime for instance without using gloves.

In some cases, policemen contaminate the crime scene by walking around the area while waiting for the Scene of the Crime Operatives.

On the other hand, the Scientific Methods of Processing Fingerprint and DNA Reference Sample Collection Seminar-Workshop, according to Pamuspusan, is designed to train field investigators on the proper taking of ten-prints, collection of latent prints, and the basics in collecting DNA samples.

“These kinds of training programs are in line with the policy of the new Chief PNP (General Camilo Cascolan) to train every policemen as an investigator. Through this training we are assured that we are putting the right person at the right job,” said Pamuspusan.