Design tips to beat your ‘boring’ home interior

Umay, that nauseating feeling you get when eating the same food over and over again, can also be used to describe your feeling toward your home interior, especially after seeing the same view over and over again for six months. 

As lockdown eases and as people adjust to the new normal way of living, a lot of homeowners now realize the importance of having an interior that’s not only functional, but fun as well. There is a clamor for more “joy” in terms of home interior design as this can ease anxiety, lift your mood, and boost your spirit amid these challenging times. 

Putting “joy” into your interior need not be tedious (you don’t need additional stress!). You don’t even have to spend much or undergo a major renovation just to make your interiors lively and happy once again. It just takes a few tweaks and a lot of creativity, and sometimes professional help, to beat that “boring” home interior. 

STARK CONTRAST The before and after photos of a living and dining area that has undergone interior styling

If you’ve already done your share of quarantine renovations and DIY home improvement projects, it’s not impractical to ask for expert advice to “elevate” your interiors. There are companies right now who are offering “online interior styling,” or what they call as the “new normal of interior decorating,” where packages do not involve changing the architecture and finishes of the home, but instead putting interior design and styling solutions to enhance a present living space. 

‘We provide new ways for you to collaborate with designers through a purely online process. We believe everyone deserves a designer home, and we’re trying to curate our shop to have the most beautiful things for just about each unique individual.’

One of these companies is GussyDesign Inc., which was launched early this year by three friends who are all interior designer—Mark Steven Perez, Raleene Cabrera, and Vianca Favila. They are joined by business partners Precious Hernandez and Albert Padin. What sets GussyDesign apart from others is that it is hip, innovative, and fun, characteristics needed to survive the uncertainties of the times. 

“Gussy means to spruce or dress up. We want our name to say much about what we do as a brand, an easy and convenient way to improve and change the look of any interior space,” says Mark. 

“As an interior designer, I get a lot of clients asking about non-permanent design solutions. A lot of what interior designers do is about changing the interior architecture of the space, but the final stages of design involves adding layers through decor and furniture. We want interior design to be for everyone. That’s why we decided to introduce a new way of sprucing up homes that didn’t have to involve breaking the bank,” says Raleene.  

What makes the arrival of GussyDesign timely and relevant is that it is an online styling service, which is what they planned all along, even before the pandemic. 

“GussyDesign is an all online styling service, so if people want to have a more inspired home interior, they can do online consultations with us at budget-friendly prices. You can also shop online for all the home items you need that will help you create the designer home you deserve,” says Mark, explaining that they made it convenient for homeowners as they only need to click on a few details on their website. “We provide new ways for you to collaborate with designers through a purely online process. We believe everyone deserves a designer home, and we’re trying to curate our shop to have the most beautiful things for just about each unique individual.”

For the company, which is supported by a team of young yet experienced interior designers, what they do now is very relevant. 

“Your surroundings affect your overall mood and wellbeing. There is a lot of psychology involved in interior design, and it’s a systemic art of influencing people using spaces,” says Raleene. “Since we are forced to stay home, there’s this inherent need in all of us to create the most comfortable and functional space. We all used to personalize our desk, but the eight to 10 hours we spend in the office has now moved into the home. Most homeowners now have to navigate their family, work, or school life in one’s space. That’s why there’s a big demand for redecorating. GussyDesign is here to help you.”  

SAFE WAY The GussyDesign team follows safety protocols during a styling


Friends from GussyDesign Inc. share these tips if you want a quick, budget-friendly, and easy way to have a more inspired home interior. You can do the following with your family to make the project more personal and fun for all.  

  • Create your own personal nook at home 
    It can be your work desk, makeup station, or an arts and crafts station. Invest in a desk with storage, a comfortable chair, and a chic table lamp. 
  • Put soft finishes 
    Try to update your living room through fun pillows, new drapes, and throws. These add some pattern to the design and are easy to replace.
ENHANCING SPACE Incorporate throwpillows and indoor plants to put life in the living area
  • Add some low and mid-level lighting
    Table lamps, sconces, or floor lamps really add to the overall mood of the home, especially when you don’t need to keep all lights turned on. 
  • Get some new rugs and layer them 
    If you’re bored with your flooring, get some new rugs and layer them! This will prevent you from having to do a total renovation. Rugs are also easier to replace and there are so many types that are kid and pet-friendly, too. 
  • Create an accent wall by adding wallpaper or by doing a gallery wall 
    You can even do both by installing new wallpaper and adding statement frames. This will create a fun area that's sure to be Instagram-worthy. 
ACCENT WALL An interior created by GussyDesign uses wallpaper and a rug to enhance the space
  • Add indoor plants
    Green is in these days. Add indoor plants into your interiors and take good care of them. These don’t only literally add “life” to any interior, they’re also a great stress-relieving hobby to start pursuing.
  • Bring in new sets of plates, glasses, and cutlery 
    It’s always nice to mix and match your tableware for a more inspired meal set up, even if it’s just an ordinary day.
  • Don’t forget to declutter 
    A happy home is a clean and orderly home. A clutter-free space helps give you clearer thoughts and inner peace. There’s no joy in seeing dirt and mess.