Start your organizing journey with Issa Reyes 'Neat Obsessions' book

Professional organizer Issa Guico Reyes, known for her work in organizing the homes of celebrity clients like Kathryn Bernardo, Neri Miranda, Rica Peralejo, and Cheska Kramer, bares her method in cleaning and decluttering spaces in “Neat Obsessions,” the latest bestseller published by ABS-CBN Books.

The KonMari consultant-in-training penned her own journey towards fulfilling a neat and organized home in a book that puts premium in the Pinoy way of life.

“While we can always refer to foreign books and manuals, it is always best if we have a reference that speaks the very same challenges that we have, and offers solutions that fit our background, culture, and lifestyle,” she said.

“Neat Obsessions” will allow readers to establish a connection and find happiness in their own spaces—big or small—by encouraging them to develop a system to put everything in a proper place.

The author disclosed ‘The Homeward Technique,’ her guide to organizing and achieving efficiency in homemaking done in just three steps: sorting, detaching, and rehoming.

“The goal is for you to reclaim your space, which was once lost in a sea of clutter, and find a semblance of order in a life lost to chaos and disarray,” Issa shared.

The new book also tackled the importance of health and hygiene in cleaning, suggested ways to declutter spaces with the crafty use of materials like shelving racks and floating shelves, and featured tips to counter challenges in letting go of stuff with sentimental value.

Since its launch early this month, the book has been sold out and is now preparing for its second printing.

Issa is a certified organizer under the International Certification for Professional Organizers and a blogger behind the Neat Obsessions website. She is also a mom-of-three, who started mastering the art of cleaning at a young age primarily due to her dad’s passion for neatness.

The author will talk about her book in the upcoming Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2020. Catch her live on National Book Store’s Facebook page on October 1 (Thursday) at 1pm.