‘I don’t identify myself as homosexual’ – Tony Labrusca

Published September 26, 2020, 10:39 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Tony Labrusca is putting an end to naysayers’ accusation he is gay.

He addressed the issue via a recent vlog, admitting how it has been a source of frustration for him.

Tony Labrusca (YouTube)

“It makes me feel like no amount of work or accomplishments that I’ve done… I feel like it gets undermined because people want to focus on my sexuality instead of my capability — so that’s where my frustration comes in,” he related. 

Beyond that, he is not bothered with people making such an assumption noting, “I actually like that.”

“You know at the end of the day whether people like or not, whether it comes to who you’re dating, whether it comes to your sexuality, you know, the truth is always behind closed doors and so I love when people make these type of assumptions about me because it means people are intrigued by me at the end of the day,” he explained.

He made clear though: “I don’t identify myself as homosexual but I don’t think that matters anymore.”

Tony will not fall over backwards to change the perception that he is gay.

He expounded, “There’s nothing I can do that would change their mind because they think that I dated this person or they think I had sex with this person because this tabloid said that. So that’s out of my control, do you know what I mean?”

“And then let’s say if I did say I was gay, some people still wouldn’t believe me or some people would still hate me. They would say that I’m doing it for attention or they’ll say that I’m queer-baiting or some people will be like ‘Oh sabi ko na nga ba eh’ and then people would ended up hating me. So my point is whatever I say, whatever I do, whatever I identify as, it doesn’t matter. There are still going to be people that hates me because I’m me.”

Tony is not alone. Others embroiled in the same include Piolo Pascual, Enchong Dee, and Darren Espanto, who just recently reiterated he’s straight.

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