PCCI to launch all-Filipino online shopping platform

Published September 25, 2020, 5:00 AM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the country’s voice of business, is putting up its own online shopping portal called “Shop All” to provide a venue for all-Filipino products and services of the micro, small and medium enterprises.

This was announced by PCCI Chairman Emeritus Francis Chua at the press launch of the 46th Philippine Business Conference on October 7-8 on the theme “[email protected]”.

According the Chua, “Shop All” is an all-Filipino initiative spearheaded by the PCCI and created by Filipinos. PCCI has taken in two Filipino-owned technology partners Perpay and LeenTech Corp. in creating the portal.

“We must show that we mean business,” he said.

Chua also emphasized that as an all-Filipino concept, “Shop All” is not a copycat of existing online shopping platforms in the market today.

“We did not copy any existing platform but even received offers to help us set up but following the guidelines we decided to start with our Filipino engineers,” he said adding that PCCI would like to come up with a product that is just as good as the international software. “This is totally Filipino effort, so I encourage you to attend the launch because this is a history in the making.”

In addition, he said that “Shop All” does not intend to compete with existing platforms but rather a complementary venue. It will be open to anyone who would like to promote his products and services online.

“We just wanted to show that Filipino innovation is good, this is an international show window of a purely Filipino innovation,” he said.

46th PBC Chairman Ninna Mangio said Shop All will be launched before the closing of the two-day virtual conference. It will be managed by PCCI under the Philippine Business Center.

Mangio said that Shop All is a brainchild of Chua to support the thrust of PCCI President Amb. Benedicto V. Yujuico for innovation during his term as president.

Initially, Mangio said “Shop All” will cater to all members to showcase their products and later on to include international markets and suppliers.

“We Filipinos can display our own native products like abaca, and knitted materials from Zamboanga and services as well,” said Mangio.