Say hello to luscious and beautiful hair powered by natural ingredients

Published September 22, 2020, 2:28 PM

by John Legaspi

Your hair will thank you for it.

Curly or not, long hair poses many challenges. For one, it requires a proper hair care regimen to follow. With its length, hair needs help getting the right nourishment from roots to tip. Then there is the endless picking up of hair strands left on the bed and everywhere else. Other challenges include the hours it takes to dry, and let’s not even talk about hair matting. Yup, long hair can be a diva as it demands loads of attention.

In this quarantine period, going to the salon for our hair care fixes is not a sustainable way to keep our long manes beautiful and healthy. 

Now more than ever, Filipinas are looking to nature to find the beauty solutions they need, and that starts with hair conditioners. To help them, hair care brand Cream Silk harnesses the power of nature with its first-ever conditioner line inspired by what Mother Earth has to offer, the Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioners.

“Over the past few years, natural ingredients have popped up as beauty secrets in a host of different beauty products. More and more Filipinas are seeking these in their hair care regimen,” says Dani de Leon, hair research and development manager for Unilever Philippines. “We started our studies by really understanding what Filipinas needed and wanted and expected from their natural products and what natural ingredients could really do to hair.”

After many studies and numerous ingredient testing, Dani and her team came up with two formulas—Rich Moisture and Rich Lustre—targeting major Filipina hair issues. Here’s what the conditioners do:

Moisturizes hair better

Amplifying hair hydration has been among the key purposes of hair conditioners. But what makes these conditioners unique is the incorporation of shea and almond nut balms. Shea helps reduce scalp redness and irritation, while almond provides essential minerals to the hair. These hair balms aim to restore the proper level of moisture and manage coarse hair, as well as manage frizz and define curls. 

Boosts hair strength

Sunflower seed oil naturally nourishes the hair from its core. It is rich with vitamin E, antioxidants, ceramides, and essential fatty acids. Being in oil form, it helps the conditioner coat every hair strand, sealing in all its benefits.

Provides lasting shine

There are many ingredients found in nature that can help boost hair’s glow. For the Lustre variant, Cream Silk added cinnamon leaf oils and bamboo and aloe extracts to its formulation to add shine and smoothness, and to fortify the hair.

Naturally detangles hair

Among the conditioners’ special features is its ability to detangle hair, preventing it from getting further damage. “It’s all about our rich conditioning that naturally detangles and moisturizes your hair—you can really feel the difference in the shower,” says Dani. 

Leaves natural scent

Particular to the Moisture variant are the Damascena rose oil, honeysuckle dew, and hibiscus essence, which give that floral scent you can enjoy throughout the day.