Who made Anne Curtis cry

Published September 21, 2020, 7:12 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

These two people also make motherhood easier for her

In an Instagram live interview with G3 San Diego, Anne Curtis shared that Victoria, Australia (the place where they are staying) is still on lockdown. The silver lining of it all is that their daughter “Dahlia gets to have both parents 24/7.”
They have been out of the country since Christmas 2019. One of the reasons for this move was for her to slow down and relax, and also to be with her mom. “A major factor was also to be with my mom. Lalo na (Especially with my) first baby, and to help me get through it. Parang dito na lang ako, mas tahimik, mas (I’ll stay here first, it’s much more) quiet (here). And I can really focus on the first few weeks or months of my baby’s life,” she explains.
And now that she is a mom, she realized how invaluable parents are. “Alam mo (You know), it is so true. You appreciate every single thing—parang magisisi ka na naging pasaway ka sa nanay mo (you will regret if you disobeyed your mom before). The way our mom took care of us and
continues to love us… every single detail, we really have to be mabait (good) to our moms.”

She is also grateful for her husband Erwan. From being friends to being married, Anne discovers something new to love about him. “He’s really an amazing guy and every day, I am just blown away with how amazing he is—like the little things he does for Dahlia. [Being] a father has come so naturally to him. It just makes me fall in love with him all over again. I’m so
cheesy!” Anne giddily shares, thanking both her mom and husband for being there for her. “It’s really not an easy job. It’s not even a job. It’s a role.”
Being with Dahlia 24/7 has been an ongoing journey filled with so many emotions. “There were tears, laughs, so much love, and there still is every day,” beams Anne. Her life is complete, which led her to get teary eyed. “Parang I can’t imagine my life without Dahlia. Naiiyak ako (this is making me cry). She’s my world,” she says.