Former DOH Secretary Cabral backs reduced physical distancing in public transport

Former Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Esperanza Cabral is backing the implementation of a reduced physical distancing in public transportation for as long as other health measures are observed.


Cabral echoed her predecessor, Dr. Manuel Dayrit’s earlier statement that “it’s possible to go below one meter” in terms of distancing.

In an interview with DZMM, Cabral said a slight adjustment in the distance will make no difference as long as other health measures are observed.

“Walang pinagkaiba sa 0.75 meters kasi lumingon ka lang, iusog mo lang ng konti yung pwet mo doon sa jeep, eh abot mo na yung 0.75 meters na yan (A 0.75-meter adjustment will make no difference because that is just like to turning your head in a different direction or slightly moving your position in jeepneys),” Cabral said.

What’s important, according to Cabral, is to keep wearing face masks and face shields “consistently and correctly.”

Cabral said handwashing will also help.

“Pag ginawa natin lahat ito, maski i-reduce natin mula sa one meter to 0.75 ‘yung layo ng ating pag dikit-dikit ay pwede na rin makatulong ito sa pag bukas ng ating ekonomiya, (As long as we do all of these things, even if we reduce the distance from one meter to 0.75, this will help in reopening the economy),” Cabral said.

The government has suspended the implementation of the reduced physical distancing measure following appeals from frontliners.