Solenn Heussaf says ‘quality time’ on hold, husband Nico Bolzico supports the decision

Published September 17, 2020, 8:39 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The #RealBolz couple busts parenting myths on their latest vlog

New parents Solenn Heussaf and Nico Bolzico discussed parenting myths on Solenn’s YouTube channel. They started light with Solenn saying that her feet only got a little wider when she was pregnant. Then, the couple both agreed that parenting comes naturally. “I love it and I’m super happy,” said Nico, adding that, without his wife, parenting would be a challenge. Solenn gave back the compliment by saying that “Nico is a super hands-on dad.”
She also revealed that she was “panicking before I became a mom. You get overwhelmed with the information before you give birth. It’s really crazy how it becomes instinctive.” The couple affirmed that “getting information from other parents helps a lot.”

No ‘quality time’
Solenn moved on to a more serious matter and revealed that their “quality time” was on hold. Nico confirmed this decision. “We just need to wait. If we want to go back into action, we should be ready,” he said. Solenn admitted that having gone through a cesarean section made her scared, “so I’m not ready, but that’s the truth.”

Parenting love
This led them to talk about how they felt about their baby girl. “I think it’s true, we talk about Thylane all the time—how cute she is, how smart she is,” said Nico. But spending more time with their baby doesn’t mean they have let go of themselves. “We didn’t let go in terms of being healthy. We sleep and work out, but we did let ourselves go in terms of dressing up. I don’t think we dress up like before,” intimated Nico, adding that he would always be in shorts and shirt. He pointed out that he hadn’t seen Solenn wearing makeup. “Your body changes and it’s not the body you used to know—it’s just different,” she confessed. “I was depressed for the first two months. I felt gross when I looked in the mirror. I didn’t even open the closet. I just wore a pair of sweatpants,” she said, admitting that it took her six months to start feeling like herself again. How did she get over this phase? “If I’m healthy and I’m fit and I eat right, then I’ll feel happy, and I’ll do good things for my child. A happy mom is the best mom.”

Nico also expressed how Solenn was such a superwoman. “I see you do so much and that is incredible,” he told her. But this doesn’t mean that husbands should take the back seat. “You need to be a super dad also,” he said, addressing the viewers. “The limitation of how involved you get, they will tell you.”