Shareholders Meetings Go Digital with New Solution

Published September 15, 2020, 9:45 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

Azeus Systems Philippines Limited “Azeus” develops and releases Convene eAGM in two months to address the demand for a secure solution to hold Annual Shareholders Meetings (ASM) amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As restrictions and precautions are continually set in place in to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, it became apparent to companies that they would not be able to hold their ASMs how they intended to at the start of the year. Azeus quickly responded to this with Convene eAGM: an end-to-end solution equipped with features to take the shareholders’ entire decision-making process to an online platform.

From pre- to post-meeting, everything has been simplified to ensure a hassle-free experience:

  • Tracking attendance with proper authorization, member registration, and digital proxy forms
  • Allowing pre-voting, live polls, and proxy voting on decisions to be made
  • Facilitating participation and engagement with a Q&A space before the meeting
  • Exporting detailed reports and data exports once the meeting has concluded
  • Broadcasting the ASM proceedings live for all attendees
  • Customizing the solution to fit the company’s branding

Convene eAGM provides these features to make up a safe and reliable solution in order for companies to hold their ASMs online with little to no difference in the proceedings. This is Azeus’ contribution to the global initiative to avoid face-to-face meetings without compromising the company and its shareholders.

Managing Director Lee Wan Lik notes that “Virtual ASMs are relatively new and have come to the fore because of the virus fallout. Azeus’ range of products are designed to enable businesses and organizations to conduct remote meetings in line with industry best practices.” 

Lee understands that companies are reasonably concerned about making the switch, but he assures that Azeus will continue to refine their latest e- AGM solution to break the barriers between physical and virtual ASMs. “Our overarching objective for Convene e-AGM is to provide the same opportunities which a physical ASM offers, by protecting shareholders’ rights while facilitating the interaction between shareholders and the panel,” he shared.

Azeus’ software services, including the latest e-AGM solution, all feature a high level of security. Data is stored in secure hosting facilities audited under international standards, and protected with complex encryption algorithms to ensure data security. In addition, Convene e-AGM features two-factor authentication for added security and verification.

Last July, companies under the Lopez Group namely, Energy Development Corporation, First Philippine Holdings, and First Gen Corporation, utilized Convene eAGM to host their ASM online.

The Azeus team developed Convene eAGM with companies and its shareholders in mind but made sure to properly guide its first-time users before the ASM. “The training provided was detailed and comprehensive,” First Philippine Holdings highlights. 

During the ASM, the Azeus Team was also ready to provide assistance. “The Azeus Team promptly provided support tailored to our needs and conducted useful training and dry-runs to ensure a smooth virtual meeting,” Energy Development Corporation shares. 

First Gen Corporation also had the following to say about their overall experience: “Throughout the entire process from kick-off meeting until the ASM itself, the Azeus Team was very helpful and accommodating.”