How Social Media Became A Bridge for Small Business Owners

Published September 14, 2020, 3:20 PM

by Millie Manahan

The Coronavirus outbreak has greatly impacted the world’s economy and everyone’s lives. It sure did change the way we live. It changed the way we decide on things and how we value our health and time. When the local government had announced lockdowns to help flatten the curve, the companies and business owners didn’t have any choice but to lay off some people to cope with the daily operational expenses. Since no one can travel for leisure, the tourism and hospitality industry is greatly impacted as well, leaving us all anxious about how to cope with our lives.

But now that some LGUs have opened tourism indefinitely, people are skeptical and vouch for the power of social media for safe selling.

During the peak of the coronavirus, most of us just relied on our savings and survival skills. The majority of us utilized digital platforms such as Social Media to keep afloat, to keep informed, and to keep in touch with our loved ones. Social media became a bridge for people to earn a living.

These passion projects flourished on digital platforms and now help other people bounce back from the uncertainties of life.

1. Joahn Ty’s Kitchen

Most, if not, all food sellers are now online. It is just a matter of which one offers affordable yet quality-tasting dishes! Look no further, as Joahn Ty’s Kitchen in Paranaque offers restaurant-quality tasting food without breaking the bank! We tried most of their best-sellers like Kare-Kare, Vietnamese rolls (fresh is the best!), and decadent chocolate cake, and they all tasted magnificently delicious.

“I just want people to experience good quality food at the comfort of their home,” says Joahn, when being interviewed via call. At first, she was only selling through her networks, and she decided to share her sumptuous spread on social media, voila, it became the south’s go-to home cooked food delivery service!

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself here:

2. Kuk’s Everything Else

As the name implies, this business owner sells everything. From bars of soap to peanuts, Kuk’s is a one-stop-shop. According to the owner, Toni Samala, she started Kuks even before she joined the corporate life. She upped her game and started selling more on social media. Because of her dedication, Kuk’s flourished online and now helps fellow moms to resell and earn on the side.

 “I have mommies and daddies selling my products. Not only are they earning but also extending help to other people, especially, the delivery guys,” she explains.

So, if you live in Makati or around BGC, you may want to order or be a reseller at Kuk’s Everything here:

3. Berong’s Sisig and Mr. Giant Burger

Who hates sisig, anyway?

Any sisig is loved by most of us. But Berong’s Sisig is different. Berong’s Sisig is known as a hole-in-the-wall and homegrown restaurant in Alfonso, Cavite. Sadly, due to the series of lockdowns and the rising cases in the CALABARZON region, they had to close it down. But that didn’t stop their passion for cooking.

They started selling online and paved its way to also help other people in Alfonso to earn a little bit by either reselling their infamous sisig or hiring jobless men to do their deliveries. Now, aside from their infamous sisig, they also offer 12-inch burgers with fries that you can customize.

For more sumptuous offerings, you may want to check out their Facebook page here: and

4. Merienda Hub

Filipinos love to eat. You are not a full-fledged Filipino if you do not splurge yourself with different Filipino merienda delicacies like Palabok, puto, Leche flan, or lomi.

Alfonso people are gifted and blessed as Merienda Hub offers puto-flan, Palabok, Kutsinta, just to name a few. When livelihood was compromised in the area, they decided to sell food that is affordable and easy to deliver. I tried their puto-flan and kutsinta, and I must admit, it tastes really good. I’ve also learned that the recipes are heirloom and everything is made from scratch. They also utilized social media in showcasing their delicacies, and like the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, they deliver to Tagaytay and almost everywhere in Cavite. Merienda Hub adheres to COVID-19 protocols by encouraging its patrons to order and pay online. Check it out here:

5. Diday and Dely – Pichi-Pichi Online store

FACT: Homemade is always the best.

Anything homemade backed up with a great inspiring story is always worth-featuring. The owner was into selling even before the pandemic started. She raised her kids by selling stuff like jewelry, clothes, etc. Now, with the power of digital platforms, Diday and Dely shop is emerging within the Marikina area. For your pichi-pichi cravings, order here:

6. Nöm – Nöm Beverages

Talk about innovation, Nöm Beverages offers a wide variety of crafted beverages made only with locally roasted coffee beans and house blend teas.

Aside from social media, the owner is also very active in collaborating with influencers to spread awareness that crafted and refreshing beverages could be enjoyed while at the comforts of your home. You may contact the owner here:

7. Nana Yangs Homemade Cuisine

Although the LGUs and the Department of Tourism have allowed a few restaurants to operate for dine-in and take-outs, the majority of us are still afraid of going out. Nana Yangs took this opportunity to capture the right market by offering ready-to-cook meals.

From the Filipino staple Kare-Kare to Adobo, Nana Yangs got it for you. For the full menu, please check it out here:

8. Goods and Grains

One of the things highlighted even before this pandemic started is to have a healthy mind, body, and to be mindful of our surroundings. Goods and Grains is a sustainable online shop led by a mom who loves to discover natural ways to improve our health and how we can live in a greener environment.

 This online shop supports locals, so she collaborates with local suppliers of Adlai, Cacao, beans, even cloth napkins! This shop not only promotes health but also encourages local tourism through partnerships. If you would like to know more about Goods and Grains, visit their Facebook page or Instagram.

9. Pasta Game

Anyone up for a Pasta Game?

If you are looking for affordable yet filled pasta trays, you have to try them. Located in Paranaque, Pasta Game started as a passion project to help ease the owner’s anxiety attacks. But because of its positive food reviews, it now became a full-on business for Niño and his friend-turned- business partner. At first, they just delivered within the Paranaque area. Thanks to social media, as it helped them tapped other areas such as Alabang, Las Pinas, Makati, Tagaytay, and Alfonso. If you crave for pesto or lasagna, Pasta Games can be contacted here:

10. Sir Mongs Bottled Laing and Sinantolan

Let’s talk about export quality products.

Sir Mong’s bottled delicacies are an understatement. Being an entrepreneur by heart and by teaching, Sir Mong, decided to showcase his talent in cooking by selling lip-smacking Filipino favorites like Sinantolan, Laing, and more! Check out his variants here:

11. Molchi and Champ Homemade Peanut Butter and Customized Cakes

If there’s one staple spread for Filipinos and Americans that would be the Peanut Butter. But this online shop’s peanut butter is different from the rest. It has the right texture and taste. And, what makes it more delicious, it is homemade. The maker uses quality peanuts, carefully grounded, and cooked just the way kids and kids-at-heart like it.

This online shop is a product of a family that was hit by the Taal eruption, as well as, the COVID-19 pandemic. With no source of income, they decided to sell peanut butter and customized cakes to help with the daily expenses. Through the help of its patrons’ food reviews shared at social media or word of mouth, they can offer more products like plants and more food offerings! What are their best sellers? Find out here:

11. Homemade Keto-Friendly Truffles

Being cooped up at home and doing all these anxiety-inducing protocols could be extremely mentally tiring. But food fixes everything, especially, if it is about chocolates!

These decadent, low-carb, no sugar-added, keto-friendly truffles are made by Trese Manuel, a baker and turned-entrepreneur during the height of pandemic. These truffles are available in two variants: Premium Dark Chocolate (image above) and Chocolate Matcha. She is selling each for P280. Order here:

The term “resilience” to describe Filipinos is already an understatement. With or without a pandemic, we are impeccable. We don’t wait for anything. These are just a few of the many Filipino thriving to survive this pandemic.

We must find sustainable solutions on how to move forward from this pandemic. For these business owners, social media became the bridge and forefront of economic recession.