Darren Espanto reiterates: ‘I’m straight’

Darren Espanto is not one to be easily swayed by gossip, however, there’s one that personally gets to him particularly with critics harping on it and repeatedly so.

It concerns his sexual preference and Espanto admitted he is getting tired of people speculating he's gay.

"I've addressed this before but the thing is, parang wala na silang ibang mahanap,” he shared recently via good friend Kyle Echarri’s vlog.

According to the 19-year-old, his detractors have been using the "bakla" tag against him and for years now.

“Oh yeah, for real, ever since 'The Voice Kids,' when I started singing songs that are always for girls or like I have a high voice, in general. They always assume my sexual preference pretty much.”

Not that he is losing sleep over it, believing it mere contrivance as created by “bored” minds.

He said, “Kapag bored sila sasabihin nilang 'Ah bakla 'yan.' So 'yun."

It is as such the singer-actor, once again, with feelings, reiterated, "I’m straight.”

And how does Espanto deal with people who believe otherwise?

“I just don’t mind them,” he maintained. “Kasama ‘yan sa mundo ng showbiz and all that. I personally don’t mind them.”

“I know na wala naman silang mas magandang ginagawa sa buhay kaysa sa akin... that’s pretty much it. Like, who cares about them?”

Espanto first gained notice placing second to Lyca Gainarod on “The Voice Kids Philippines” in 2014.