Chito Miranda ‘flexes’ why he’s proud of wife Neri

Published September 10, 2020, 9:12 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

This is the reason her fans are inspired to work hard and be better

The goal of every marriage is to become better individuals together. It doesn’t hurt also if your partner is proud of you—to the point that they dedicate a post to it. Chito Miranda shared a “flex” in a Facebook post about his wife Neri, sharing the great news that she was able to buy a condominium with her hard-earned money.

Ang yabang talaga nitong babae na 'to.Totoo…mayabang talaga si Neri. Pero hindi yung condo yung pinagmamayabang nya….

Chito Miranda 发布于 2020年9月9日周三


Pero hindi yung (But it’s not the) condo yung pinagmamayabang nya (that she’s bragging about). Sa katunayan, yan yung pinakamaliit at pinakamurang unit sa buong (In fact, this is the smallest and lowest priced unit in the) building, so owning this particular condo unit isn’t really worth bragging about,” Chito starts.

The reason Neri is proud of the unit is because she bought it with her own money. “Mula sa mga naipon niya (From what she was able to save) from her small businesses na pinaghirapan nyang itaguyod  (that she put up) from scratch. Now that is something to be proud of,” adds Chito. This is the reason many of her fans and followers are inspired by her. “More important, they are inspired because alam nila na kaya din nilang gawin yung ginagawa ni Neri (they know that they can also do it), as long as they work hard, and focus all their energy on pursuing their goals.”

Aside from being able to buy a condominium unit, the proud husband also shared that “she tries her best to share her blessings, not just by inspiring others to do the same, but also by spreading out opportunities to earn. She genuinely wants everyone to succeed.” As for Chito?  “Me, on the other hand, is simply mayabang (proud). And this is me, blatantly flexing my wife.”