Turn your home into an aesthetic space

Published September 8, 2020, 12:16 PM

by Johannes Chua

The long quarantine has brought stress and anxiety. To counter this, people have found ways to “self-heal”—baking bread, starting a garden, learning a new skill, among others. For a lot of homeowners, the quarantine became the time to reinvent and redecorate their homes.

STYLE STATEMENT A cup and saucer set as a design centerpiece

If you’re among those looking for home decorations that would spark the needed joy amid these challenging times, consider Karlex Home, a local store that brings curated stylish home pieces from the US, China, and India to Filipino homes.

Most of its home décor pieces have bright colors and beautiful patterns. The store’s wide array of collection has something for every corner of your home as it offers kitchenware, glassware, tea sets, cups, bath accessories, pillowcases, tables, cutlery, and more.

Beyond aesthetics, these handpicked trinkets are functional, as store owner Kara Santy understands the needs of recreating homes. In fact, her passion for collecting and curating chic home accessories started when she was renovating her own house.

“The inspiration behind our pieces is modern eclectic,” Santy says. “I started curating home accessories back in 2011. I was purchasing lamps and home decor from the US for my own home. At that time, I realized it can become a full-time business.”

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