Provincial gov’t to no longer investigate ‘white sand’ transfer from Cebu quarry

Published September 8, 2020, 12:58 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY—The provincial board will no longer investigate the sourcing of crushed dolomite from a Cebu quarry, and its transfer from Cebu to Manila.

            Board Member John Ismael Borgonia, chairman of the provincial board’s Committee on Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources, said the investigation will no longer push through after the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Central Visayas (MGB 7) confirmed that the hauling of the dolomite rocks to fill a stretch of the Manila Bay baywalk was legal.

          “We have full faith and confidence in them as implementer of our environmental laws. We called for investigation before because we have lots of questions regarding the legality of such extraction and transportation to Manilay Bay. But now it is already answered,” Borgonia said.

          In a statement, the MGB 7 said that a quarrying firm in Alcoy town, southern Cebu had a permit to process dolomites into “white sand”.

 The firm, Dolomite Mining Corporation, was also authorized to transport the minerals to Manila Bay.

          “On August 26, 2020, MGB-7 Regional Office issued an Ore Transport Permit (OTP) to PMSC (Philippine Mining Service Corporation) to transport 3,500 WMT of processed dolomite (size -5mm) with cargo destination at Manila Integrated Cargo Terminal, Manila City,” read the MGB-7 statement.

          “This dolomite shipment is the reported white sand, which is being spread along the shoreline of Manila Bay to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the bay front,” it added.

          MGB-7 regional director Loreto Alburo likewise assured that the shipment of the crushed dolomite rocks went through the legal process.

“The dolomite materials sourced from Cebu have been extracted, produced, and shipped out to various buyers following proper regulatory laws and procedures,” said Alburo.