Over 200 PCG personnel recover from COVID-19

Published September 1, 2020, 7:50 PM

by Betheena Unite

More than 200 personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) have recovered from the coronavirus disease in the span of a week.
There are 211 new recoveries from August 23 to 31, bringing the number of recoveries to 1,081, latest data from the Philippine Coast Guard showed.
Within the same period, a total of 321 new cases were confirmed, taking the tally of COVID-19 cases among Coast Guard personnel to 1,318.
With the new reported recoveries, the active cases in the organization are now at 237. There are also no reported deaths among infected Coast Guard officers.  
The Coast Guard said the affected personnel, who are also frontliners, were immediately pulled out from their stations and provided with medical assistance and other resource support after testing positive of the disease.
“The health condition of Coast Guard frontliners are regularly monitored through various efforts such as swab testing,” Admiral George Ursabia, Jr., Coast Guard commandant, said.
“This is on top of the sufficient provision of vitamins, personal protective equipment sets, and medical supplies; implementation of strategic deployment to ensure that frontline personnel have rest periods and work breaks; and the preparation of nutrition-packed meals to boost their immune system,” Ursabia added.
The commandant furthered that they also utilize UV lights to augment the manual disinfection of work stations and billeting areas.
He also announced that this month, the command will finally open its own quarantine facility that can accommodate up to 224 frontline personnel at one time. It will allow the Coast Guard Medical Service to better manage the active COVID-19 cases within the organization.