COA calls out PITC, PNP for shabby purchases of equipment and under-deliveries

Over P1 billion worth of police crimefighting equipment and weapons, including utility trucks, automatic grenade launchers and light personnel carriers, have been denied the Philippine National Police (PNP) by another government agency for over three years now, the Commission on Audit revealed over the weekend.

In its 2019 PNP annual audit report, COA chided the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) for receiving some P1.347 billion from the PNP in 2016 to cover for the purchase of numerous equipment but failing to make deliveries. 

The PITC is a government-owned trading firm that is in the business of importing and exporting commodities, industrial products and consumer goods for over 40 years now.

“Funds transferred to Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) in CY 2016 amounting to P1.347 billion had been little served because it has only delivered a total of P311.068 million worth of equipment in CY 2019, leaving P1.036 billion still undelivered for more than three years,” bared a report prepared by a team of auditors headed by Director Irma Besas.

The report submitted to outgoing PNP chief Police General Archie Francisco Gamboa said the amount turned over to the PITC was the police organization’s advance payment for the procurement of mobility, firearms and other equipment.

“The low delivery rate of 23.08 percent and undelivered equipment defeat the intention to which the PNP have engaged the services of PITC, that is, to facilitate the procurement process,” the audit report noted.

Still undelivered are utility trucks, automatic grenade launchers, light personnel carriers and others that are vital in the PNP’s operations.

COA urged the PNP to require the Directorate for Logistics to demand immediate delivery of the remaining equipment and demand a refund from PITC in case no deliveries were made.

Reacting to the COA report, the PNP revealed that its representatives have met with the PITC which submitted a Summary of Project Status Report.

The summary report indicated that the PITC had already delivered equipment worth P316.26 million which consisted of the following:  141 units Light Machine Gun 7.62 mm; eight units Light Machine Gun 5.56 mm; 1,677 units Basic Assault Rifle 5.56 mm.

In the same audit report, COA noted that the PNP has continued to allow 47 out of 54 business concessionaires using various PNP facilities without executing lease contracts.

“More so, the monthly rental rates of concessionaires in NHQ (national headquarters) and PROs 3, 4B, 5 and 11 were based on rates as far back as CY 1996 ranging from P1,200.00 to P49,814.00 per month since the Appraisal committee had not conducted public auction and awarded lease contracts in accordance with PNP Memorandum Circular 2019-003 to properly establish the terms and conditions beneficial to the PNP,” the audit agency said.