As a gym coach, I don’t think you should be going to the gym now

Published September 1, 2020, 9:41 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Gyms are now open. But should you go?


From March to this day, there have been a lot of adjustments for everyone. Work, commute, travel, health, the economy, and wellbeing—you name it.

Recently the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) has approved the limited opening of gyms, fitness centers, internet café, tutorial centers, and other businesses affected on Sept. 1.

LGUs will be given the decision as to capacity allowed.

Being involved in the fitness industry, I feel there is a bit of uncertainty as to how well we can manage the situation. With more than 200,000 cases, more people are concerned if this was the right call.

Are we really ready?

Businesses are experiencing difficult times, with the Philippines having one of the longest lockdowns in the world. The economy and the wellbeing of people are suffering.

In the fitness field, this forced a lot of closures and loss of jobs.

While it’s the government’s decision to open businesses, it’s up to you to make the right decision as to how you can move around with caution. With everyone itching to get back into some degree of normality, how can gyms or facilities manage safety with the team and members?

Facilities, before opening, would have to discuss the matter more thoroughly as a whole as this is more about the wellbeing of everyone rather than just a business.

With current safety protocols in place, it all goes back to making sure you practice the basics of general washing of hands, frequent sanitation, social distancing of 1.5m, face masks on at all times, and if you present any symptoms notify and self-isolate. I would also suggest that you monitor your route on the way to the gym with minimal contact with people to reduce the possible contraction of the virus.

Are you sure you are responsible enough to work out with a mask on?

Have the gyms already informed their members about protocols?

Although protocols are quite standard, it is the responsibility of the gym to make sure that all members are notified of what is expected before opening. By communicating all the set protocols it is really up to the management to educate and emphasize the importance of adhering to those measures consistently.

Have customers been updated via email? Have they been given a chance to question? Do the clients know what the set rules are to follow so members can enjoy the luxury of getting healthy without crossing the line? Members, it is also your responsibility to do your part.

Is it really safe to go back despite the increase in cases each day?

There is a possibility it can be done safely, but it’s still posing a risk. Is it worth it and can you wait a little longer?

The only way that it can truly be mandated would be to do rapid or testing prior to exercise. 

In my personal opinion as a coach, I feel that the opening of gyms should not be prioritized due to the current statistics. After all, there have been adjustments with people opting to train at home with hired-out gear and via Zoom.

So far, this system has worked relatively well. The only thing that is making businesses concerned is the rent that could potentially start tomorrow too.

Exercise is a great prevention against a lot of sickness, but sometimes being overexerted can still pose a risk for someone whose immune system isn’t quite developed.

At the end of the day, everyone has a choice. You just have to consider the consequences as well as benefits. The goal going to the gym is to be stronger and not make this a reason for a setback.

Try and think about what is the best option in all different perspectives for yourself and your family.

You’ll know if it’s the right decision for you.