Five things to prepare for before every newborn shoot

Published August 28, 2020, 2:37 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Every parent would be torn to choose between safety and documenting memories such as the arrival of your newborn bundle of joy. What to do? Manila Bulletin Lifestyle asked Cocoon Studio’s Patricia Infante on what to prepare for when booking a newborn shoot with their team:

  1. Safety first.
    Always secure safety measures during every shoot. Make sure that PPEs are worn as well as face masks and face shields. We bring a sanitation kit along for extra precaution. Safety is the top priority.
  2. Give me sunlight.
    When doing newborn shoots, we requests for a room that has the most natural light as this is best for your baby. Plus, vitamin D is good for everyone.
  3. Dress up.
    Aside from the baby, the rest of the family is always asked to dress up. In its baby shoots, we always makes a room for family photos.
  4. Collaborate.
    To ensure safety and fun shoots, we requests for music, movement, and expressions familiar to your little one to prepare ahead of time. You will have your senior photographer as well as the first baby whisperer (Patricia) in Manila to handle your child with care.
  5. Bring it on.
    Should you have any important item (outfit, necklace, stuffed toy, a special something) that you want to include in the shoot, let us know. The team accommodates all the memorabilia you may have to make sure this memory will last a lifetime.