Uniqlo to donate 500,000 Airism masks to frontliners

Published August 26, 2020, 3:33 PM

by John Legaspi

The face mask can filter bacteria and other particles in the air, and block harmful UV rays too.

Although many Filipinos are now braving the world to continue their lives amid the pandemic, it is not a secret to them that the coronavirus continues to threaten everyday living. Apart from other safety precautions, their hope for better health lies in everyday protective wear. 

To help them get the best option for protection, Japanese retail brand Uniqlo is bringing its Airism face mask to the country. 

Incorporating the brand’s Airism technology, the face mask is made of lightweight, breathable material that stretches to its wearer’s form without the constricting feel. The washable face mask also has a three-tier structure that can filter 99 percent of particles, including bacteria and pollen.

The brand recognizes the efforts of today’s modern heroes in aiding Filipinos in need, pledging to donate 500,000 Airism face masks to frontliners to help protect them as they combat the virus.

“As the fight against Covid-19 goes on, we are committed to continue to support and help Filipinos, most especially those who are severely affected. Let us all work together to ensure that all of us are safe in these trying times,” the brand says in a post. “To help the frontliners, who have been working hard to save our fellow countrymen, and the communities highly affected by the pandemic, Uniqlo has pledged to provide support by giving 500,000 pieces of Airism masks.”

The face mask is expected to be available in the Philippines in September. www.uniqlo.com/ph