Why Cainta has more recoveries than new cases

CAINTA, Rizal - The number of recoveries in this town has surpassed the number of new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases.

Mayor Johnielle Keith Nieto, in a Facebook post said as of August 25, there are 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases while 17 patients have recovered.

The new recoveries are included in the 73 total recoveries since the local government assigned volunteer and consultant doctors to attend to active cases on home quarantine.

Nieto said the doctors who keep in touch with the home-quarantined COVID-19 positive patients through phone on a regular basis is a great help in increasing the recovery rate.

Mayor Nieto earlier assigned volunteer and consultant doctors for each group of five or more  COVID-19 patients on home quarantine to regularly talk to the patients, check their condition and give medical advice.

There are more than 30 doctors so far in the program.

But not many residents are aware that three of the doctors who volunteered to help the local government are closely related to Mayor Nieto.

Dr. Ethelyn Nieto, a former health Undersecretary is Mayor Nieto’s mother. Dr. Rolando Nieto, an anesthesiologist, is the mayor’s father, while Dr. Joseph Nieto, is the mayor’s brother. They have been looking after the condition of COVID-19 patients assigned to them by the local government for free.

The Cainta mayor earlier offered to give his entire August salary to the doctor who has the most number of recoveries under his or her care to show his appreciation for the service of medical frontliners to the people of Cainta.

The mayor also announced on Facebook that the local government would soon distribute the Chinese herbal medicine, Lian Hua Qing Wen to COVID patients.