Trending: Tim Sawyer and China Roces brought their argument online and live

Published August 24, 2020, 1:54 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The social media couple, Filipino vlogger Tim Sawyer and former FHM model and vlogger China Roces, had a major argument that was shared live on Tim’s Facebook account. Though the live video has been deleted, a lot of their followers were able to record the whole video which lasted for more than 12 minutes.

China was seen holding the phone while arguing with Tim in the background, revealing that it was Tim who wanted to leave both his wife and their five-month-old son Baby Tim. He even bought his own car and house without letting her know. He also planned to have his own business without her knowledge. As if money issues weren’t enough problems, China also mentioned that she caught her husband chatting online with different women.

In one of the many videos that were recorded from the couple’s live argument, mixed reactions can be read in the comments section.

  • The same thing happened to me and my wife. Clearly, China is experiencing postpartum. Thank god we survived it. LOL. I was so stressed at that time. — Zydane TV
  • You are partners you two…mahihirapan kayong dalawa na kumuha uli ng maraming bloggers muli pag naghiwalay kayo…— Vicente Carino
  • I don’t understand why some people show their problems worldwide rather than fixing them on their own. I don’t think the viewers will help them with it. — Mitchy Garcia

Tim has over 823,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel while China has over 178,000 subscribers. It can be heard in the recorded live video that they both earn more than hundreds of thousands through their channels.