PNP says no to revolutionary gov’t

Published August 23, 2020, 2:06 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

The Philippine National Police (PNP) declared Sunday that it will not support any move to launch a revolutionary government being initiated by staunch supporters of President Duterte as it is a plain and simple violation of the Constitution.


PNP spokesman Police Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac said the police organization operates under the rule of law and any move that would go against the law, especially the Constitution, is illegal.

“The PNP is loyal to the Constitution and we will follow the existing laws and lawful authorities. This is one of the mandates that we have sworn into, that is, that we will uphold the Constitution and obey only the legal authority,” said Banac.

“So any move that will go against the Constitution will not be supported by the PNP,” he stressed.

The revolutionary government is being pushed by diehard Duterte supporters called Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC).

In a letter to the chief PNP dated Aug. 17, the group sought a dialogue with Police Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa on Aug. 20 before its Aug. 22 assembly to sign what it describes as “Pahayag ng Bayan Tungo sa Tunay na Pagbabago” in Pampanga.

“The principal objective of pursuing a revolutionary government through peaceful and non-violent means is to bring about a genuine change that we, and then candidate Mayor Duterte, promised during the 2016 presidential campaign to establish law and order, public safety, equal opportunity in public service, and social justice and economic freedom,” the group said.

Gamboa confirmed that he was invited by the group but he failed to act as the letter did not reach him.

Banac said they are not taking the group seriously since the name of the advocacy being pushed is an invitation to violate the Constitution.

“We are not taking this seriously. We will not attend that kind of meeting. We assure the public that the PNP will remain loyal to the Constitution,” said Banac.

Banac said they will continue to monitor the group not only because of the revolutionary government it is advocating but also due to the possible violation of quarantine rules as the admission of the group that it will hold a series of dialogues to drum up support.