Enroll only in maritime schools with approved training programs for blended learning, seafarers told

Published August 22, 2020, 4:06 PM

by Betheena Kae Unite

Seafarers should enroll only in maritime training institutions with approved training programs for blended learning, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) recently said.   


Following the release of additional guidelines to maritime training institutions (MTIs) in implementing blended learning during the quarantine, the MARINA warned seafarers to “enroll only in MTIs with approved training programs for blended learning.”

MARINA also reminded MTIs to ensure that the coverage of the approved training program is fully met including how the blended learning will be implemented, facilities and equipment needed to maximize the use of technology to support learning and teaching.

“MTIs, whose applications are approved, are granted a provisional authority valid for six months or until full face-to-face conduct of classes is allowed,” the MARINA said.

“The MARINA believes to increase its deployment of seafarers as a result of this blended learning scheme and assures the public that the implementation of this approach will be monitored and properly handled to maintain the quality of maritime education in the country despite the rising number of confirmed cases of COVID-19,” the agency added.

Blended learning mode will be enforced to provide seafarers a platform to complete their required training amid the quarantine lockdowns, which prevent MTIs from delivering their programs face-to-face.

Blended learning approach allows maritime training programs to be conducted through the combination of traditional face-to-face methods and online or e-Learning platforms.

It shall be adopted in delivering the MARINA approved courses that require the use of training equipment and learning systems in performing trainer-supervised practice sessions and/or assessment, MARINA said.