Check out these casual handwoven pieces made from upcycled textiles

Published August 22, 2020, 8:57 AM

by John Legaspi

They’re also marked down by 50 percent!

In order to make the fashion industry more sustainable, experts advise brands to adopt a circular business model. As defined by Vogue Business, circularity is “a model in which all the materials in a garment are reused and never end up as waste.” This model pushes fashion brands to be more responsible for their products’ life even after consumers have purchased their garments. 

Anthill Fabric Gallery, a social enterprise working to preserve local textile through contemporary designs, has been propagating sustainable fashion through the years. With the help of its partner artisans and patrons, the brand was able to launch its circular line, the Reweave collection.

“The Reweave collection is a selection of samples and items exchanged by our customers,” the brand tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “They are pre-loved items woven with upcycled thread. They are designed by our in-house designers.”

In line with its Weave Exchange Program in 2018, the enterprise encourages its customers to have a much more eco-conscious closet, and surrender their old and unused Anthill weaves. The textiles are evaluated and exchanged for a gift card that can be used to purchase new textiles. 

These fabrics, along with other samples and unsold pieces, are upcycled to be part of a more accessible line. 

The collection features easy casual pieces tinted with colorful patterns. Local fabrics such as Benguet’s kantarines and binakol are mixed with cotton and denim to create casual blouses, reversible capes, and flounced skirts.

“All these and many other small steps, like reducing the number of pieces in our seasonal collections, are part of our continuing journey to circularity,” the brand says.

Items of the Reweave collection are marked down by 40 to 50 percent. Visit and the brand’s Instagram account @anthillfabric to purchase the pieces.