Steve turns the page with new airline job

Published August 17, 2020, 2:44 PM

by Regina Mae Parungao

Steve Dailisan (Facebook)

After losing his job as pilot few weeks ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, former reporter Steve Dailisan is taking off with a new airline.

Dailisan lost his job last month just as he was starting his flying career. 
“I will have to rest my golden wings for a while to chart a new destination elsewhere,” was his message then.

Steve Dailisan, pilot, gma, reporter, airasia

Steve even considered “going back to broadcast journalism, government service and academe” after the layoff until  “an opportunity came to practice my corporate communication skills.”

He encouraged others who are also struggling with their jobs to never lose hope.

“And for everyone who lost their dream job, their nurtured businesses, their family member or anything precious during this difficult time, just hang in there! You will definitely find your way back! PRAY and BELIEVE that a new opportunity awaits.”

Dailisan became a licensed pilot in April 2019. He was previously a news reporter and documentarist for over a decade.