DoLE: Only face shields covering entire face allowed

Employees should use face shields that will cover their entire face in their workplaces as the visor-type will not be allowed. 

The Department of Labor and Employment in a joint memorandum circular with the Department of Trade and Industry released  Friday said "face shields shall cover the entire face (completely cover the sides and length of the face). If possible, face shields should extend to the ears and below the chin." 

It added that "visor-type face shields shall not be allowed."

"Face shield and masks should always be worn together when interacting with colleagues, clients, and or visitors," DoLE said.

The wearing of face shields and face masks are among the minimum public health standards to be complied with in all workplaces to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

According to DoLE, employers are required to implement all necessary workplace safety and health programs, including COVID-related programs, at no cost to the employees.

The supplemental guidelines on workplace prevention and control of COVID-19 released by DoLE and DTI said physical distancing as well as frequent handwashing must be observed at all times.

It said the display of signages or visual cues and reminders to practice proper handwashing and other hygiene behavior among employees is "mandatory."

DoLE said employers classified as large and medium sizes private establishments are enjoined to provide shuttle service to their employees with the minimun health standards enforced in the shuttle service.

Large and medium private establishments (with total assets of above P15 million) and establishments with multiple tenants, the Labor department said, are encouraged to designate an isolation area of one room for every 200 employees, which shall be other than the company clinic, for employees needing further assessment due to elevated temperature, presence of flu-like symptoms, or has exposure history to a COVID-19 case or probable case.

It said private establishments unable to establish an isolation area may make arrangements with a temporary treatment and monitoring facility nearby or with the barangay local government unit, for immediate referral of employees.

DoLE said employers are highly encouraged to regularly send their employees for testing one every quarter at no cost to the employee.

Employers shall also ensure strict compliance with the protocols established by the Department of Health and the local government units for contact tracing of employees in close contact with a COVID-19 case, among others.

According to DoLE, the JMC shall apply to all private establishments regardless of economic activity, including those located inside special economic zones and other areas under the jurisdiction of investment promotion.

It said that the JMC shall take effect immediately upon its publication and filing with the University of the Philippines Law Center.