All the cool tricks the new Ford Territory SUV can do

Published August 14, 2020, 2:29 PM

by Inigo Roces

Ford Philippines expands its SUV lineup with the addition of its newest model, the Territory. This new model fills in the shoes of the outgoing Escape.

We’ll skip over all the spec talk and get right to what matters to most buyers. What does the new Ford Territory bring to the already fiercely competitive compact SUV arena?

Smart convenience features

Buyers of the Territory will feel like the car is truly alive. Thanks to its smart key, the Territory uses technologies like Smart Keyless Entry with Push Button Start to make getting into the vehicle easier. By simply keeping the key in the pocket or back, the car constantly scans for the signal from the key. It unlocks the vehicle and unfolds the mirrors when the driver is near.

On hot days, the driver need only press the unlock button on the key for a few seconds to open all the windows (including the panoramic sunroof) to let all the hot air out. There are also built in air con vents in the seats to cool your back. Leaving the car? The opposite can be done when leaving the vehicle by simply holding the lock button.

Seamless phone integration

Got a destination in mind? The Ford Territory’s integrated Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is designed to work seamlessly with your phone’s apps.

Provided your phone is already registered with the car, simply choose a destination with your favorite traffic app even when outside the car. The moment you step in and plug in your phone, the vehicle will resume navigation functions. When in the middle of a call, you can continue it by simply stepping into the car.

Need your music fix? The vehicle will easily play tunes from your phone through its speakers.

Use Siri or Google Assistant? The Territory has built-in microphones to allow you to make requests, check up on traffic or answer calls while you’re at the wheel.

Out of battery? The Territory features multiple USB ports and power outlets to recharge gadgets while on the go. There’s also a wireless charging tray.

Make it your own

In addition to the many colors the Territory already comes in, Ford gives you a chance to further make it your own with customization features. There is such a thing as too much information and the dashboard can be customized to provide as much or as little as desired.

The fully-digital instrument cluster can be configured into one of three views: Classic, Fashion, and Sport, each with their own set of unique displays. Classic shows the traditional speedometer and tachometer along with various trip information. Fashion puts the speedometer in the center. Sport gives gearheads the figures they need, like speed and RPM, in digit form to focus more on the road ahead. The center display can even be turned off.

The Territory also lets you set the mood in the cabin with customizable LED mood lighting. In the settings menu, drivers can choose from a number of colors to illuminate the cabin from bright and lively to soft and calming.

Navigate tight spots

Not that great at estimation? The Territory makes squeezing through tight spaces much easier. Thanks to its 360 Degree View Monitor and Co Pilot 360, the vehicle uses cameras all around the vehicle to give the driver a better view of what’s around. This view is displayed on the 10-inch touchscreen infotainment panel. Best of all, it’s smart and customizable.

At low speeds (below 20 km/h), the vehicle provides a 360-degree augmented reality view of its surroundings. A graphic of the vehicle itself lets you estimate just how close you are to the curb. You can also choose what view you’d prefer (whether front right corner or left rear corner or any other angle).

It also adapts to the situation. Turn your signal light on and the camera automatically gives you a better view of the side you’re driving into, whether that’s the front, rear, or left or right.

Park with ease

The Territory adds a new dimension to its Auto Park abilities with Co Pilot 360 (on the Titanium+). Capable of parking by itself like the past Escape, Focus, and Everest, the Territory eases worries by also providing you with a 360 view while the car steers itself into a tight parking spot.

Auto parking is made easy thanks to the system that starts with just a press of a button. By default, it will scan for a parallel parking space. Press the button again and it will scan for a perpendicular one. Drive past the space and the vehicle will determine if it can fit. Watch for instructions in front of the steering wheel as the car tells you when to shift into Reverse, Drive, or Park. Let go of the wheel, keep your foot on the brake pedal and watch the magic happen. With eyes on the 360 degree view, you can be sure it won’t scrape any other cars’ bumpers in the process.

A high-tech guardian angel

The Territory is also designed to look out for you even if you’re momentarily distracted. Features like Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Information System and Lane Departure Warning are fitted in the Titanium+ variant.

In essence these systems constantly watch the road and the car. Warnings will sound if you drift out of your lane with out signaling. A yellow light will flash on your side mirror if there’s a vehicle in the lane you’re merging into.

Sometimes, the road throws a surprises, like a vehicle ahead suddenly braking. The territory always watches out for that with Forward Collision Warning that flashes and sounds alarms when this happens. If you don’t step on the brake in time, it will apply the brake for you in an attempt to avoid an accident. Of course, it’s best not to rely on this system, but it’s handy to have.

Finally, for longer drives, the car come with Adaptive Cruise Control. Like regular cruise control, this allows you to set the speed and the vehicle will be in charge of maintaining it. Sensors in the car ensure it maintains a set distance from the car ahead. It will even slow down or accelerate automatically to maintain that gap and speed.

These are just a few of the many amazing tricks and gadgets the Ford Territory comes with. Features and specs equipped may depend on the variant (Trend, Titanium+).

As a final treat, customers that purchase the Ford Territory from August 14 to September 15, 2020 will get a free 3-year scheduled service plan (SSP) for a worry-free ownership experience. That means servicing the car only once a year. No more paying for parts and service. It’s all covered for the first three years.

Built to high standards

Developed by Ford Motor Company and its joint venture partner, Jiangling Motors Corporation, the new Territory is built with Ford’s highest global quality standards. Designed to fill in the shoes of the Escape, the Territory’s contemporary appearance and look was conceived in the Ford Design Studio in Melbourne, Australia. It has been rigorously tested in its ride, handling and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels at Ford’s testing centers in Nanjing, China and at the Geelong Proving Grounds in Melbourne, Australia to ensure it meets Ford’s stringent engineering and quality standards.

The result is a car that boasts of urban-ready design that easily stands out on the road. Fitted as standard are LED headlamps, LED daytime running lamps, LED tail lamps, auto on/off headlamps with follow me home feature, front and rear fog lamps, panoramic moonroof, rear spoiler, and roof rails.

Powering the Territory is a 1.5L EcoBoost engine mated to a CVT transmission with Sport mode that delivers 143PS and 225NM of torque.

The Fort Territory is now available in Ford dealerships at an introductory retail price of PHP1,179,000 for the Trend variant and PHP1,299,000 for the Titanium+ variant. 

To know more about the all-new Ford Territory, visit their website or a Ford dealership nearest you.