FASHION PULIS: Cause of breakup

Published August 13, 2020, 2:41 PM

by Jojo Panaligan

During their relationship, Clandestine Lover (CL) and His Partner (HP) made sure their affair remained secret. Even if rumors would emerge once in a while, CL would arrogantly deny having anything special with HP. HP did the same and did not reply to such rumors. Hence, even if the two were seen together, which sparked gossip, people who dared ask would meet the not-so engaging side of CL. Their friends and some showbiz personalities allegedly know the truth, but they never spoke about the two as a sign of respect for CL.

CL provided a home and a car for HP and made sure he would not want for anything more. CL had the longest relationship with HP, who satisfied all his physical needs. However, CL’s family was not happy with the arrangement and the presence of HP was a topic of argument. The family accused HP as a freeloader, but they could not do much, as they also rely on CL.

Nonetheless, HP is not dense, and he started looking for projects to prove he could be independent of CL.

When CL found out that HP wanted to work, he hesitated. CL feared his gay lifestyle would be exposed. Subsequently, CL gave permission for HP to earn his keep. As same-sex stories are trending, HP was offered one project that required many intimate scenes and butt exposures. HP did not tell CL about the intense scenes he did.

But a friend of CL managed to watch the project of HP. The friend that the scenes were not faked by HP and his screen partner. In the commercial release, however, the scenes done realistically were edited out.