'COVID-free December' trends on Twitter

If there's one thing about Filipinos, it's that they have the ability to look at the glass half full even as the world around them is falling apart.

President Duterte himself displayed this optimism during his public address on Monday evening when he hoped for a "COVID-free December."

"Hintay na lang kayo. Kaunti na lang talaga (You just wait. Just a little bit more). By December, sabi ko (I say) in the fullness of God's time, hopefully we will have a COVID-free December and we can enjoy this Christmas season," he said.

"COVID-free December" then became a trending topic on Twitter, with netizens "claiming" for the statement to be true.

"A COVID-free December, please Lord," prayed @jd_lazaro. @fayeeecilicious
added, "COVID-free December - lets all claim it. In Jesus name! Keep the faith."

Should President Duterte's projection come true, @joannaaabanana_ said Filipinos would be thrilled to live their lives normally again - especially during the happiest time of the year.

"After everything we've been through this 2020, a COVID-free December would be really nice ano (wouldn't it)? Most of us just want to spend Christmas the way we always used to - with family, relatives, and loved ones, over a small but happy salu-salo (get-together)," she tweeted.

Others, however, called the president's statement as nothing but a "fantasy" because it feels too good to be true - given the increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients everyday.

"COVID-free December seems like a fantasy," said @chateau_margu. "I'm sorry to everyone hoping for that but until the curve is flattened that statement is just a mere dream."

@japanonuevoabe tweeted, "A COVID-FREE DECEMBER is a great Christmas gift. But don’t give the people false hope. With the way this government is managing the situation, sorry, but I find it impossible. Even with a vaccine, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get COVID completely."

@jauwoow also has reservations: "I want to believe Duterte's COVID-free December statement, but he also said earlier this year that there's nothing to fear about COVID. So yeah."

"COVID-free december is directly proportional to 'I will destroy drugs in six months,'" sarcastically wrote @neenacab.

One netizen even wrote that "COVID-19 December" could come possibly come true. The catch? "They didn’t say what year," tweeted @leiascaptain.