Hongbin leaves K-pop boy band VIXX

Hongbin (Twitter)

Lee Hongbin, member of K-pop boy band VIXX, has decided to leave his group after causing controversy for criticizing things about other idol groups.

“On August 7, Hongbin shared his intention to leave VIXX. After careful discussion with Hongbin and VIXX members, the company decided to respect his wish and agreed to his withdrawal from VIXX,” announced Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX’s agency, according to Osen. 

It added, “In the future, VIXX will operate with five members. We are extremely sorry having to break such sudden news and trouble you this way. Hope that you will keep supporting and loving the remaining members of VIXX.”

During a live stream on Twitch in March, Hongbin made derogatory remarks about SHINee, Infinite, and Red Velvet. 

When SHINee’s “Everybody” was playing, he said, "Who put this kind of idol music in the band's playlist? It sucks," Osen reported. On Infinite’s “Be Mine,” he commented, "If it were me, I would have beaten the choreographer."

About Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor,” Hongbin said it is “too 'idol.’ The color is too intense. Don't they know the public's taste? They failed in choosing." 

After the incident, Hongbin apologized, saying, "I perhaps did wrong things. I was just live streaming, but it turned out to be a big problem. I will be more careful and won't cause trouble for others. I hope everyone can just curse and grumble at me at bedtime."

"I sincerely apologize to the artists and their fans, who have been hurt by my reckless behavior during the previous live broadcast conducted early the previous morning,” he wrote on Instagram. “I would also like to apologize to the VIXX members and our fans for making everyone upset. I have no words to justify my actions. No matter for what reason, I didn't think thoroughly. I'm deeply reflecting on my arbitrary action."

On May 1, Jellyfish announced that Hongbin has decided to stop his live streaming events on Twitch and stop his activities. 

A day before Jellyfish announced Hongbin’s departure from VIXX, the singer announced that he will resume his live streaming activities. 

“I was just staying home like before so now I even can roll over. Besides, I was frequently thinking about resume doing interesting live streams to continue playing games while having fun with you,” he said, according to MyDaily.

Hongbin added, “There were a lot of big changes during the broadcast break. Because I am still trying to adapt myself to those things, I have yet to regain my spirit. I do not know what changes will be made to the live streams in the future, but I will try to deliver good broadcasts that make everyone feel comfortable chatting and laughing like before while watching. Maybe you will see a guy with a lot of shortcomings and uncertainty, but I will try harder to make my live streams a place where everyone can have fun watching. I am sorry for your long wait. I will see you soon.”

Last June, Lim Youngmin, leader of K-pop boy band AB6IX, quit the boy band after he was caught by the police driving while intoxicated. Shin Jimin, leader of AOA, left her group last month after being accused of bullying by former member Mina.