Manulife Philippines and tech leaders share how SMEs can thrive post-pandemic

Published August 6, 2020, 6:33 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

Manulife Philippines collaborated with some of the Philippines’ leading tech startups to host a webinar aiming to help local businesses start, bounce back or keep going despite the continuing pandemic.  

At the Manulife webinar titled “Getting Back to Business: Starting or restarting a business in the new normal,” Jacqueline Lim, Head of GrabExpress, Grab Philippines, Martha Sazon, President & CEO, Mynt, and Ragde Falcis, CEO and Founder, ChatGenie.PH offered practical tips to guide entrepreneurs into the new realities brought by COVID-19 to local businesses. 

In the Philippines, small and medium enterprises are among the key pillars of our economy and employ majority of our population, and were among the hardest hits during the pandemic. By engaging startups who have managed to weather market disruption through agility, responsiveness and customer-centricity, Manulife aims to empower other businesses with valuable insights that can help them face today’s challenging landscape, as well as introduce them to innovative tools and technologies to bring their ventures forward.         

As social distancing measures have prevented businesses from servicing customers in their physical stores, many have embraced digital transformation and shifted their attention and resources to e-commerce to keep themselves afloat. To support them, the webinar touched on three crucial components of online selling: logistics and fulfillment, customer support, and digital payments.

Manulife invited GrabExpress, Grab Philippines’ same day parcel and courier delivery service, to share how businesses can take advantage of the services of their fleet, and to offer tips on how to manage delivery of their goods.  Meanwhile, to help businesses drive profitability as they make and keep their customers happy, Manulife partnered with ChatGenie.PH, a mini app development company that harnesses Facebook Messenger for easier communications and transactions.  

Manulife also reached out to GCash, an e-wallet service provider from Globe Telecom’s financial venture Mynt, to educate businesses on how they can offer convenient online payment services for their customers, and even salary disbursements for their employees, safely, securely, and seamlessly.

Through this webinar, Manulife hopes to support entrepreneurs from all walks of life – whether they are a solo-preneur or part of a family enterprise, a startup founder or a veteran in the field – as they reimagine the way they do things, so that they can continue to make a living, serve others, and make every day better.