‘Train To Busan’ director Yeon Sang-ho set to release a K-drama

Published August 3, 2020, 7:00 AM

by Seven Bueno

This new Korean series is exclusive to Netflix

HELLACIOUS A glimpse at Hellbound webtoon

Netflix recently confirmed that Yoo Ah-in, Park Jeong min, Kim Hyun-joo, Won Jin Ah, and Yang Ik-jun as the leading cast of an original and exclusive series about supernatural angels that come from the fires of hell. 

The original Korean title is 지옥 (/ji-ok/), which literally translates to “hell,” and just gives a vibe that we’ll be getting inferno’s heat in this upcoming Netflix original.

The series, dubbed as Hellbound, is directed by Yeon Sang-ho, who helmed the international hit movie Train To Busan and its recently released sequel Peninsula, which garnered $21.9 million in two weeks. 

LOCOMOTIVATED Director Yeon Sang-ho, (Cine 21)

The story is written by Choi Gyu-seok, author of the popular webtoon Songgot. Yoo Ah-in, whom we’ve seen in Burning, The Throne, and Veteran, plays Jinsu, the head of the New Truth Church—a religious institution that proclaims that the visits of the angels of death are of the will of the divine. 

Park Jeong Min, an actor who has experience in a wide array of Korean television series and dramas such as Time To Hunt, Start-up, and Svaha: The Sixth Finger, takes on the role of Bae Yeong-jae, a producer at a broadcasting company that investigates the New Truth Church. 

WELCOME TO HELL CITY Another scene from the fantasy-romance webtoon

Kim Hyun-joo (Watcher: I Have A Lover and Boys Over Flowers) acts as Min Hye-jin, a smart and self-assured lawyer who takes on the New Truth Church along with its extremist Arrowhead devotees. 

Won Jin-Ah (from Long Live the King and Rain or Shine) stars as Hong Ji-Yeong, the wife of Bae Yeong-Jae and a member of the New Truth Church who fights the tension between her husband and her church. Yang Ik-jun, from It’s Okay That’s Love, performs as Jin Kyung-hun, a detective who investigates the alleged appearances of the death angels. 

Hellbound is produced by Lezhin Studio and will be available only on Netflix soon.