Incoming CEO Eric Roza signs final contract to purchase CrossFit from Greg Glassman

Published July 25, 2020, 5:56 PM

by Carlo Anolin

CrossFit eric roza
Incoming CrossFit Inc. owner Eric Roza (Photo from Eric Roza’s Instagram account @rozaeric)

Incoming CrossFit Inc. owner Eric Roza is a step closer to reforming the fitness company and the crossfit community.

In a social media post Saturday, Roza announced that he and founder Greg Glassman, who stepped down from his post last month, signed the final contract to “purchase 100%” of CrossFit.

The signed deal is legally binding, which means both parties cannot back out, Morning Chalk Up reported.

Final transactions are expected to finish in few weeks pending the government’s approval.

“Now the real work begins!” Roza said in a statement on Twitter. “I see a nearly boundless opportunity for CrossFit to become the world’s leading platform for Health, Happiness and Performance.”

“As we work towards this amazing long-term opportunity, today I want to focus on the hard work of addressing our immediate challenges.”

CrossFit Inc. announced Roza will be taking over the company last June 24 after Glassman quit the company weeks before that.

Glassman was under fire following the “FLOYD-19” tweet response to the Health Metrics and Evaluation, which classified racism and discrimination as a public health issue.

Floyd, a black man, died in police custody last May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Roza vowed that CrossFit will provide a “culture of inclusion” to eliminate racism, sexism, and bias.

“Change is needed and we must think and act out of the box to reach those who don’t feel welcomed by CrossFit,” he said.

One of the hurdles the company faces is the impending severing of ties with its partner Reebok, which sponsors the CrossFit Games.

The sports giant footwear announced it would end its partnership with CrossFit later this year.

Meanwhile, Roza said they are working hard to push the CrossFit Games in mid-September despite a looming cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are partnering closely with our Athletes, their agents, and managers, and local and federal agencies to deliver the world’s greatest test of fitness to living rooms and mobile screens around the world in spite of the challenges presented by the pandemic.”