Pancho and Max having a blast as hands-on parents to baby Skye Anakin

Published July 23, 2020, 12:52 PM

by Jojo Panaligan

Pancho Magno and Max Collins with baby Skye Anakin (Screenshot)

Like many parents the first time they see their newborn child, the first words Max Collins and Pancho Magno exclaimed when son Skye Anakin came out were “My baby!”

In their interview with Bulletin Entertainment, they recalled the time Max did water birth few days ago, and looked into the future with hopes of raising their first baby happy and healthy: 

How was the whole water birth experience?

Max: “It was crazy, messy, and beautiful! It was all of those things. It was really crazy kasi hindi siya yung inexpect ko. It was messy because I was all over the place. It was beautiful kasi iba talaga yung joy nung lumabas si Skye.”

Your first words when you saw Skye?

Pancho: “’My baby!’”

Max: “’My baby! I made it. He made it out.’ My goal was just to get him out and he made it so it was like a miracle.”

Pancho: “Parang hindi ako makapaniwala.”

Max: “It’s surreal.”

Pancho and Max preparing stuff for their baby few days before her delivery (Instagram)

Pancho: “Para akong nananaginip. Nag-gender reveal lang kami, ultrasound, and then now andiyan na siya.”

How many weeks or months do you plan to take it easy from work?

Max: “I’m thinking we’re all laying low in a way because of the pandemic but because of the feedback that we got from our birthing story, gusto ko rin ‘yun i-share sa mga moms. I want to share through my YouTube channel kung ano yung mga pinagdaanan ko and what I’ve learned. That’s what I’m planning now. I want to focus on content for mothers and on how I can help other mothers out there. That’s my way of working.

“Si Pancho naman, he’ll have to work soon for a show on GMA. We’re just enjoying this time we have right now as a family and giving Skye our full attention. We’re very hands-on parents kay Skye.”

Skye Anakin (Instagram)

Max, how are you doing as first-time mom? What are you discovering that aren’t in the books?

“Everything. We kind of learn along the way. Malaking tulong ang Google. Every time we’re confused about something, we just Google it.

“We’re constantly learning and discovering new things about Skye kasi he has his own personality. Iyakin siya, he’s very interested in lights and sounds, and he likes it when we read stories to him. Little things like that are the precious moments that we’re discovering.”

Aside from the ‘Star Wars’ namesake, what else can you share about choosing the name of your baby?

Pancho: “Nag-start kami sa Anakin and then sabi ko gusto ko rin yung Skywalker. Sobrang avid fan kasi ako ng ‘Star Wars.’ Lahat na ng characters sa Star Wars naisip ko. Nag-final okay na si Max sa Skye. Binago niya lang dahil nilagyan niya ng ‘E’ pero sabi ko gusto ko pa rin ng Anakin. Sabi niya, sige let’s compromise. Pull it together. Naging Skye Anakin. Super cool.”

What are your dreams for the baby?

Max: “That he grows up to be a good mama’s boy.”

Pancho: “Mama’s boy at sobrang gentleman niya. Loving and respectful.

Max: “God-fearing.”

Pancho: “Yes. Jedi. Haha!”

How many more babies do you both plan to have?

Max: “Right now, we’re okay with one.”