Attention, plantitas! Visit these IG shops for your next ‘green-spiration’

Published July 22, 2020, 1:24 AM

by Angela Casco

If you’re looking to satisfy your inner plantita, check these online plant shops accessible from the comfort of your own home

Time spent at home during quarantine has made people realize just how important touches of nature are inside a living space. Whether that’s having a backyard full of potted plants or a bedroom corner with adorable succulents, the presence of “greenery,” no matter how simple, helps improve air quality, encourage relaxation, and even boost productivity.

This has only reaffirmed the enthusiasm of the so-called plantitas for plants and gardening. All those plant parenting efforts ahead of time have all been seemingly worth it, especially since trips to weekend plant markets and physical plant stores have now become impossible with quarantine measures still in place.

If you’re looking to satisfy your inner plantita, whether it’s a newfound hobby or something you have been doing for long, check these Instagram plant shops accessible from the comfort of your home.

Happy Plant (@happyplantco)

If indoor plants are what you’re looking for, Happy Plant is the shop to check out. All plants, including monstera deliciosa and dracaena lemonlime have been grown pesticide-free, too, so all you have to do is take care of it like any plant parent should. While you’re at it, you can also choose to water your plants with the shop’s vibrant and unique metal watering cans.

Plants Manila (@plantsmanila)

From the creators of local furniture store, Bamba Home, comes Plants Manila, where you can choose from a wide selection of both indoor and outdoor plants. The best part? The shop also has a number of native planters to choose from which, when paired with your chosen plant, perfectly brings together the soothing colors of nature into your living space.

Nest Plant Studio (@nestplantstudio)

For plants, both big and small, Nest Plant Studio delivers. It also offers aesthetic pots and planters, which can easily make your plant look like a fresh design addition to your living space. The size of your pots can be customized, too. Just specify the dimensions and give at least two weeks lead time before delivery.

Sprout Plants Manila (@sproutplantsmanila)

While monsteras and bacularis have become the go-to for plantitas, you might want to check out Sprout Plants Manila for rare plants finds. It offers the variegated ZZ plant, for instance, which is extremely tolerant of indoor conditions. Much like a cactus, it thrives even in neglect, making it an ideal addition to spaces that get little to no sunlight. On the shop’s website, you can also access care details each plant parent should know.

Balay Qubo (@balayqubo)

You may have heard of Balay Qubo’s eco-friendly bamboo products, but this shop also offers adorable succulents and cacti. As these are tiny, empty window sills or even your makeshift work desk can accommodate these plant babies. Consistent with the shop’s philosophy, these plants come in biodegradable coco-coir pots, which are made up of the coconut hull derived from the fibrous body between the husk and the coconut.

Plantaholics (@plantaholicsph)

True to its promise to be “your partner in finding the perfect plant for you home,” Plantaholics offers wide plant options, including snake plants, fiddle leaf fig trees, monstera deliciosa, among others. Many of its pots come in classic colors black or white, with gold accents, which instantly turns the plant into a “statement piece” at your home.

Succulents PH (@succulentsph)

If succulents are your jam, Succulents PH can relate and is more than willing to share the love for these tiny, drought-resistant plants. This shop—also present in Papemelroti and West Elm stores—carries every succulent imaginable: rose cactus, joya kerii, echeveria, pinguicula, among others. For effortless yet stylish home decor, you can choose its terrariums, which are miniature succulent gardens housed inside open or closed containers.