Comedian helps carry out Kim Idol’s final wish

Published July 20, 2020, 8:53 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Kim Idol

A day after comedian Kim Idol (real name Michael Argente) passed away, SCOPE (Stand-up Comedians of Philippine Entertainment) held an online fundraiser to help his mom, Maria Taniegra Argente, pay for the hospital bills.

The group was able to raise P166,000. Comedian Pokwang donated 50,000 while SCOPE president Teri Onor donated 40,000. See, Kim was part of the Raging Divas, a quartet also comprised by Pooh, Teri and Wally Bayola.

Teri Onor

Teri also asked TV show “Wish Ko Lang” to help Kim Idol fulfill his final wish for his mother. Mrs. Argente, herself, revealed on the show what that was.

She said Kim promised her that when he gets to work again, he will buy her new appliance like rice cooker, television, blender, new bed and air conditioner because Mary just uses a fan whenever it gets hot.

By episode’s end, show host Vicky Morales handed over to Mary a huge box for her birthday next month. Aside from containing the things Kim promised, “Wish Ko Lang” gave her laptop and cash so the siblings can start online business.  

I didn’t realize there are funny angels on earth like Teri. May himala!