Davao region COVID-19 bed capacity in ‘warning zone’

Published July 19, 2020, 1:23 PM

by Antonio Colina IV

DAVAO CITY — The Department of Health (DOH)-Davao Region reported that the utilization level of beds for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients admitted at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City and Davao Region Medical Center in Tagum City has already reached the “warning zone.”

DOH-Davao Assistant Regional Director Lenny Joy Rivera told reporters in a virtual press conference that bed capacity was considered in the “safe zone” when occupancy rate is from one percent to 30 percent, warning zone from 31 percent to 71 percent, and danger zone from 71 percent to 100 percent.

Based on the critical care utilization report of the region,   she said there were 213 beds for “severe and critical” cases, which have already been occupied, while 229 were still available, posting a utilization rate of 48.19%.

She added the utilization rate of beds for severe cases was already at 47.61 percent,  reporting 190 occupied out of the 399 total beds.

For COVID-19 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, she said 23 beds have been occupied, while 20 beds were still available in both government hospitals, with a utilization rate of 57.5 percent.

Rivera added that, out of the 353 COVID-19 isolation beds, 157 beds were occupied and 196 were still available, putting the utilization rate at 44.48 percent.

In terms of mechanical ventilators for COVID-19 patients, she said seven have being used, and 44 were still available.

“If we look at it, we are already in the ‘warning zone’ but right now, what we are doing is, we will transfer patients who are mild confirmed cases from the ward to our TTMF (temporary treatment and monitoring facility). We have a new classification on every TTMF, and which patients would be transferred in every TTMF to decongest our ward beds,” she said.

According to Rivera, the city has 10 TTMF located in different locations. These are Davao Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Malagos; La Diva Inn; Alternative Learning System building; Queensland Motel; Rizal Memorial Colleges and its gymnasium; Davao City-UP Mindanao Sports Complex; UP faculty and staff house; NCCC Dome; container vans donated by Emcor situated in Malagos; and Boy Scout of the Philippines Camp in Malagos.

But Rivera added the region’s government hospitals have non-COVID ICU beds where COVID-19 negative patients are recuperating.

 “Take note, if the patient is merely a suspect for COVID but he is severe or critical, he is put in COVID-ICU bed. But if he is negative, he will be transferred to ICU bed for non-COVID,” she said.

As of July 18, DOH-Davao reported 912 cases in the region, with 42 deaths and 496 recoveries. Of this number, 650 were reported in Davao City, 86 in Davao del Norte, 34 in Davao del Sur, 65 in Davao de Oro, 68 in Davao Oriental, and nine in Davao Occidental.