Fil-Am beauty vlogger to launch own brand

Published July 16, 2020, 9:57 AM

by Noreen Jazul

Patrick Starr will launch his beauty brand “One/Size.”

In partnership with Luxury Brand Partners, the Filipino-American beauty vlogger will do so on July 17 exclusively at Sephora.

In a short clip posted on the brand’s Instagram page, Starr, whose real name is Patrick Simondac, explained how he created his brand.

“Getting here wasn’t without challenges. Before finding my voice, I was unheard. Without realizing my beauty, I was unseen. This is what compelled me to create ONE/SIZE, a beauty brand that stands up for every brand of beauty,” Starr said.

Among the products is make-up remover, which, according, to Starr is a “nod” to a personal story in his life.

“Years ago, I was asked to remove my make-up at work because I wasn’t ‘on trend,’” he shared. “This is my way of turning the tables and reclaiming that anecdote.”

Beyond being a beauty brand, Starr said One/Size is “movement in acceptance, kindness, and humanity.”