Customs Governance Culture Code launched

Aiming to sustain a culture of competence in public service, the Bureau of Customs (BOC), through its Planning and Policy Research Division (PRRD), launched Thursday the agency’s Governance Culture Code which sets the standards for good governance.


According to the BOC, the Governance Culture Code is a handbook that will guide BOC employees in establishing and sustaining a culture of competence, accountability, professionalism, integrity, transparency, efficiency, and ethical responsibility in pursuit of its fundamental functions of efficient revenue collection, enhanced trade facilitation, and strengthen border control through prevention of smuggling and entry of prohibited imported goods in compliance with global standards and regulatory frameworks.

It also sets out the service pledge of BoC frontliners which is an internal cascading process of the bureau’s transformation program. In addition, it also provides the agency’s position and strategic objectives until 2022.

The introduction of the code was recommended by the agency’s Integrity Sub-Committee and was approved by the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council, an external advisory group concerned with providing pieces of advice to government institutions towards achieving an administration that is at par with global standards. 

“The BOC recognizes the importance of having a shared mission, vision, values, and beliefs among Customs officials and personnel towards achieving organizational growth and development,” it said.