'Pac-man' song packs a punch, trends on Twitter

Michael Pacquaio, son of boxing champion and senator Manny Pacquiao, became talk of social media world recently for his rapping skills.


The younger Pacquiao trended on Twitter overnight, after his collaboration with friend, rapper Michael Bars, made the rounds online.

The track “Pac-Man” was uploaded on Michael’s YouTube page last June 5. It's since gained 500,000 views.

Many netizens praised Pacquiao for his "fire" rap, saying he will soon make a name for himself as rapper.

“This doesn't sound like any generic filipino rap music but I'm here fo it. When Manny Pacquiao punches fast but Michael Pacquiao can raps supa fast,” Twitter user @ughburn wrote.

Another Twiter user wrote: “michael pacquiao is definitely a rising filipino rap artist no capppp.”

Aside from “Pac-Man,” Pacquaio and Bars collaborated on “Head in the Clouds” with Ybk Xay. Both are in Bars’ album “Royal Rumble.”

On his Spotify page, Pacquaio has three songs listed titled “Only You,” “Thinking of You,” and “Beautiful.”