LG intros their newest digital signage solution

Published July 8, 2020, 12:56 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

LG has recently introduced their most advanced digital signage solution yet, the innovative LG LED Signage (model LSAA), the latest in display technology and design. The LSAA offers even better image quality and easier installation than its popular predecessors which propelled LG into one of the leading digital signage solution providers in the industry.

The LSAA features a block-assembly design that makes constructing large displays a cinch. LG designed its solution around a single LED cabinet hub (600W x 337.5H x 44.9D mm) to provide power and signal to the entire signage without additional cabling between cabinets to save time, hassle and costs while delivering up to 4K UHD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. The ability to smoothly send and receive signals wirelessly is due to LG’s non-contact connector technology with power being sent to each display via pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub. In line with the elimination of cables, the LSAA series is designed to support redundancy of signal and power, providing users with comfort. With an optional embedded back-up power supply unit, customers can assure the continuous operation of the screen without power failure, while the dual controllers minimize screen failure with a bi-directional signal input.

What’s more, the LED cabinet allows installers to connect multiple displays to achieve the desired size. With straightforward installation and expandability, the LSAA can be set up or reconfigured onsite in a fraction of the time it takes other LED displays. Wall-mounts and frame-type accessories offer a number of installation options to meet the diverse requirements of different site conditions and customers’ needs. This offers unprecedented flexibility that reaps benefits for your business.

LG LSAA with the same AI-powered Image Processor found in LG’s popular high-end TVs delivers vibrant images via its self-emissive display technology and narrow 1.2mm distance between pixels, with gaps to narrow even further to less than 1mm in the second half of the year. To ensure better efficiency, the product employs the common cathode method where the cathodes of the LEDs are common and connected to a single pin to prevent unnecessary power consumption, delivering only the required voltage to each sub-pixel. LG’s LSAA LED Signage gives optimized image quality with the help of an AI-powered Image Processor. LG’s Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor applied to the LSAA series recognizes and analyzes the original content, optimizing the clarity and sharpness of the content for itself. With HDR support, images become more vivid with great visual impact. The wider color spectrum and greater contrast ratio allow viewers to fully enjoy lively, eye-catching videos and images that work wonders for your brand.

“Our LSAA series sets a new standard for LED signage solutions in the commercial display market,” said Inkwun Heo, LG Philippines’ Managing Director. “Innovation in products such as the LSAA enables LG to lead the LED signage industry with superb picture quality, enhanced ease of installation and unbeatable value.”

For sizable investments such as this, after-sales is one of the most importance considerations. For LG’s LSAA LED Signage series, maintenance is easier and faster with the optional Signage365Care service, a cloud service solution provided courtesy of LG. It remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, enabling the stable operation of clients’ businesses.

LG’s newest LED signage will be available this month starting in North America and Europe with subsequent rollouts taking place in Latin America and Asia.