Published July 6, 2020, 11:20 AM

by Paola Navarette

LOOK: This group makes this crochet face mask accessory for frontline workers

Healthcare workers at St. Luke’s Medical Center has received ear savers from the organization. Photos courtesy of Hannah Arcillas 

Past times of yore have been all the rage during this pandemic—boardgames, flower pressing, jigsaw puzzles, baking bread—and on that list, crocheting continues to climb. Tutorials and essays espousing the healing powers of crocheting have flooded the Internet. In short: We’ve hit peak crafting.

It makes more sense now when people are pulling together to meet an urgent need. All over the metro, homebound Filipinos are crafting thousands upon thousands of ear savers

to make life a little easier for those on the frontlines. The ear savers consist of a small knitted strip with buttons attached to each edge. The elastic of the face mask hooks around the buttons, relieving the ears from the constant rubbing.

“It started with a post I saw online about crocheting ear savers for frontliners. This then led me to the Facebook group “Ear Savers for Lifesavers,” which connects frontline workers in need of earsavers with crafters who can make them,” says volunteer Maui Reyes. “As a freelancer with no job at the moment, I have no disposable income to help with PPEs for healthcare workers. But this—crocheting and sewing something as small as an ear saver—was something I could do. It sounds silly, but making these has given me some sense of purpose.” 

Reyes loves seeing how crafters and small businesses have come together to help. “Most of our buttons are donated by a neighborhood store, Bon Seng Commercial, and crafters are sending each other materials,” she beams. 

So far, she has crocheted and sewn over 450 ear savers, which have been donated to hospitals such as The Medical City, National Children’s Hospital, Villarosa Hospital, Ospital ng Maynila, and Sta. Ana Hospital.

In a span of two months, Ear Savers for Lifesavers has produced over 10,000 ear savers for frontliners nationwide. If you would like to get involved and contribute to the cause, or to donate materials to help operations continue, visit their Facebook page