85K public school students to get learner's package, free internet load from Makati LGU

By Jel Santos

Over 85,000 students from preschool to senior high school in Makati City's public schools will each get a learner’s package and free five- hour internet load daily for school year 2020-2021, Mayor Abigail "Abby" Binay said on Tuesday.

Makati Mayor Abby Binay (My Makati / MANILA BULLETIN) Makati Mayor Abby Binay (My Makati / MANILA BULLETIN)

The learner’s package contains an On-The-Go (OTG) flash drive, printed modules, and two washable face masks in a pouch.

Binay said the local government unit (LGU) has come up with the additional benefits in consultation with the City Schools Division Office (DepEd Makati).

“The city government has been actively involved in current efforts of the Department of Education to ensure that quality education continues to be accessible to the youth amidst the crisis. We are committed to making the blended learning approach work to the advantage of our students, through equipping them wIth the right tools," the mayor said.

She urged parents to support the initiatives of the city, underscoring their indispensable role in the effective implementation of new teaching methods designed to adapt to the “new normal."

“We are counting on the parents to do their part by guiding their children in the daily learning activities. Even now, they can start imbuing the students with the proper mindset and discipline so that they will be ready and eager to learn when classes begin in the new setup," she said.

Binay said the learner’s package and internet load will be given on top of the annual benefits received by the students, including free school uniforms, leather and rubber shoes, and school supplies.

In addition, she said the city government will provide free internet load to public school teachers of Makati for the conduct of online activities and sessions.

The LGU said that the OTG flash drive has digitized learning modules.

"Through OTG, students can study even without internet connection. It has videos, illustrations, and interactive exercises developed by DepEd Makati. It can be used on a smartphone (android or ios), tablet, laptop, desktop, as well as on a smart television."

Teachers will upload all the lessons for the week in the OTG, and parents will claim it from the teacher, together with the printed version.

Printed modules, meantime, the city said are self-directed instructional modules for all subjects or learning areas which students can answer.

"These contain important concepts aimed at helping students increase their knowledge and enhance their skills."

If gadgets are unavailable, the LGU said the student can simply make do with the printed modules.

The student will answer all the exercises in the modules and submit them to their teachers through their parents, it added.

Meanwhile, students and parents can also take advantage of online modalities. These are digitized lessons and other references available in the DepEd Makati Learning Resources Portal.

As such, the city government said the Google Classrooms, Facebook Messenger, and other online apps may also be used for internet-based teaching and follow-up sessions. Students may also ask questions and clarify the lessons with their teachers through Google Meet.

Parents will also receive journals containing guidelines on how they can assist their children in their studies.

DepEd Makati said the Online Enrolment (OnE) of students for the incoming school year is ongoing, and parents may enrol their children until June 30, 2020. They shall fill out the application form in the SDO-Makati OnE App or scan the QR code that will direct them to the said app. The submission of the student’s birth certificate is not required at this time.

"For assistance concerning OnE, parents can go to the Facebook page of the school concerned. Contact numbers of focal persons of the school are listed in the page, " it said.

"Every Monday, schools will release a master list confirming the receipt of applications for enrolment."

In case internet access is unavailable, the city government said parents may resort to physical enrolment by filling out the Learning Enrolment and Survey Form (LESF) available in schools and barangay halls. "They shall drop the duly filled-out LESF at the designated drop box in the enrolment kiosk of the school concerned."